10 Resources to Learn TYPO3 Composer

10 Resources to Learn TYPO3 Composer

No matter, If you are TYPO3 beginner or advanced person, This article will help you to learn TYPO3 composer variance topics like TYPO3 Installation, TER extensions, Private TYPO3 composer server, TYPO3 composer generator tools, etc.,

Composer is the most modern and advanced technology to develop and maintain the TYPO3 installation. To set up TYPO3 core or TYPO3 custom extensions, No more traditional way to download, unzip process. With the composer is just like any Linux system, you just install anything with simple CLI-command.

TYPO3 Community promotes & appeals to people to use the composer, as it’s easy to use and well maintain your TYPO3 website.

At the initial stage, As a developer, it requires bit learning curves, but by practice, you will feel the power of TYPO3 composer - what such cool tool to install and maintain the TYPO3 website for a long-term.

What’s a Composer?

Composer - A Dependency Manager for PHP.

If you don’t what’s composer, then we highly recommended you get familiarized with the composer by official documentation.

Official Wiki: Learn TYPO3 Composer

Manual installation of TYPO3 is going to be a bit old-school ways like download TYPO3, unzip or extract, etc.,

More and more TYPO3 people prefer to install TYPO3 using the composer. Do you want to install TYPO3 CMS using the composer?

Just run one command to install TYPO3 latest v10.

Step 1. Run composer create command

# Download latest TYPO3 v10
composer create-project typo3/cms-base-distribution YourT3Folder

Step 2. Point the document root to /public folder, or just access your TYPO3 installation wizard with /public folder.

Explore official TYPO3 Composer Wiki

You can also check out an interesting article on Traditional vs Modern TYPO3 Composer Development.

Video Training on TYPO3 Composer

TYPO3 Guys, Mathias, and Benjamin explain how to install TYPO3 CMS via the composer.

Helper for Install TYPO3 Composer Packages

get.TYPO3.org is providing cool features as a helper of TYPO3 composer to choose what TYPO3 packages should be include or exclude.

By default, TYPO3 has three kinds of TYPO3 composer packages as below.

Option 1. TYPO3 Full Composer

composer require "typo3/cms-about:^10.4" "typo3/cms-adminpanel:^10.4" "typo3/cms-backend:^10.4" "typo3/cms-belog:^10.4" "typo3/cms-beuser:^10.4" "typo3/cms-core:^10.4" "typo3/cms-dashboard:^10.4" "typo3/cms-extbase:^10.4" "typo3/cms-extensionmanager:^10.4" "typo3/cms-felogin:^10.4" "typo3/cms-filelist:^10.4" "typo3/cms-filemetadata:^10.4" "typo3/cms-fluid:^10.4" "typo3/cms-fluid-styled-content:^10.4" "typo3/cms-form:^10.4" "typo3/cms-frontend:^10.4" "typo3/cms-impexp:^10.4" "typo3/cms-indexed-search:^10.4" "typo3/cms-info:^10.4" "typo3/cms-install:^10.4" "typo3/cms-linkvalidator:^10.4" "typo3/cms-lowlevel:^10.4" "typo3/cms-opendocs:^10.4" "typo3/cms-recordlist:^10.4" "typo3/cms-recycler:^10.4" "typo3/cms-redirects:^10.4" "typo3/cms-reports:^10.4" "typo3/cms-rte-ckeditor:^10.4" "typo3/cms-scheduler:^10.4" "typo3/cms-seo:^10.4" "typo3/cms-setup:^10.4" "typo3/cms-sys-note:^10.4" "typo3/cms-t3editor:^10.4" "typo3/cms-tstemplate:^10.4" "typo3/cms-viewpage:^10.4" "typo3/cms-workspaces:^10.4"

Option 2. TYPO3 Minimal Composer

composer require "typo3/cms-backend:^10.4" "typo3/cms-core:^10.4" "typo3/cms-extbase:^10.4" "typo3/cms-extensionmanager:^10.4" "typo3/cms-filelist:^10.4" "typo3/cms-fluid:^10.4" "typo3/cms-frontend:^10.4" "typo3/cms-install:^10.4" "typo3/cms-recordlist:^10.4"

Option 3. TYPO3 Default Composer

composer require "typo3/cms-about:^10.4" "typo3/cms-adminpanel:^10.4" "typo3/cms-backend:^10.4" "typo3/cms-belog:^10.4" "typo3/cms-beuser:^10.4" "typo3/cms-core:^10.4" "typo3/cms-dashboard:^10.4" "typo3/cms-extbase:^10.4" "typo3/cms-extensionmanager:^10.4" "typo3/cms-filelist:^10.4" "typo3/cms-fluid:^10.4" "typo3/cms-fluid-styled-content:^10.4" "typo3/cms-form:^10.4" "typo3/cms-frontend:^10.4" "typo3/cms-impexp:^10.4" "typo3/cms-info:^10.4" "typo3/cms-install:^10.4" "typo3/cms-lowlevel:^10.4" "typo3/cms-opendocs:^10.4" "typo3/cms-recordlist:^10.4" "typo3/cms-recycler:^10.4" "typo3/cms-redirects:^10.4" "typo3/cms-reports:^10.4" "typo3/cms-rte-ckeditor:^10.4" "typo3/cms-scheduler:^10.4" "typo3/cms-seo:^10.4" "typo3/cms-setup:^10.4" "typo3/cms-tstemplate:^10.4" "typo3/cms-viewpage:^10.4"

Download your custom and favorite TYPO3 Composer Packages using TYPO3 packages helper tool.

TYPO3 Composer Generator

For the TYPO3 developers or integrators who want to create custom TYPO3 Extensions will require to manually initiate composer.json, Team T3Terminal developed cool TYPO3 composer generator solution.

You can generate TYPO3 composer.json for your TYPO3 extension by;

  • Uploading your TYPO3 extension’s ext_emconf.php
  • By filling up the form of creating TYPO3 composer
  • Download sample TYPO3 composer.json

Build Your Private TYPO3 Composer Packages & Server

When we launched our T3Terminal.com venture, One of the first demands from our customers was Support Composer for premium TYPO3 products too.

Team T3Terminal took the challenge and was super excited to make TYPO3 Satis Private packages for Composer.

At the moment, For your private TYPO3 packages and extensions, we have two solutions;

Option 1. SaaS Solution by Packagist.com

Option 2. Self-Hosted Solution with Satis

How can we set up TYPO3 Private Packages?

  • Step 1. What is Satis? Installation of Satis
  • Step 2. Configure satis.json
  • Step 3. Generate Satis For Composer Packages
  • Step 4. Test-drive with Your TYPO3 Private Packages with Composer
  • Step 5. Webhook between your TYPO3 Private Repositories & Satis
  • Step 6. Setup Cron to Crawl Automatic TYPO3 Private Packages
  • Step 7. Secure Your TYPO3 Private Packages at Composer-Server
  • Bonus! Individual TYPO3 Package’s Authentication Access

Do you want to get answers to the above questions and setup?

Explore our popular article 7 Easy Steps to Satis - TYPO3 Private Packages for Composer

Learn TYPO3 Composer Structure & Commands

If you are a beginner to learn the TYPO3 composer, then it’s better to in-depth aware of the TYPO3 composer as below.

Basic Architecture of Composer.json

    "name": "vendorname/my-extension",
    "type": "typo3-cms-extension",
    "description": "An example extension",
    "license": "GPL-2.0-or-later",
    "require": {
        "typo3/cms-core": "^9.5 || ^10.4"
    "replace": {
        "vendorname/my-extension": "self.version",
        "typo3-ter/my-extension": "self.version"
    "extra": {
        "typo3/cms": {
            "extension-key": "my_extension"
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "Vendorname\\MyExtension\\": "Classes/"

Explain the basic structure of composer.json also I suggest reading Step by step guide to TYPO3 Composer.

TYPO3 Composer Commands

You should learn TYPO3 composer commands like;

composer update vendorname/extensionname
composer require vendorname/extensionname
composer install vendorname/extensionname
composer remove vendorname/extensionname
composer outdated

How to Install TYPO3 Extension with Composer?

So, You want to install the TYPO3 extension from TYPO3 extensions repository (TER) using your composer based TYPO3 installation.

Step 1. Go to TYPO3 Extension Page eg., https://extensions.typo3.org/extension/ns_backup

Step 2. Find composer support eg., composer req nitsan/ns-backup

Sometimes, if a particular developer did not link TER and Packagist, then you can directly find at Packagist with TYPO3-CMS-Extension

Also, I recommend to read Publish and Maintain your TER TYPO3 Extensions

Migrate Your Non-composer to Composer TYPO3 Website

Yeah, so you are in love with the TYPO3 composer? and Do you want to migrate your non-composer to composer-based TYPO3 installation?

Explore official documentation of Migrate TYPO3 Project to Composer


Thanks for reading! I hope you like all the above resources to learn the TYPO3 composer.

  • If you are beginner, Make sure to learn in-depth about TYPO3 composer.json structure, usage of TYPO3 composer commands, etc.,
  • Learn TYPO3 composer with official TYPO3 documentation
  • Give a try to develop your private TYPO3 composer with Satis
  • Keep using and practicing TYPO3 with composer

Do you have any questions or issues to use the TYPO3 composer? Please write to below comment box, we will happy to help you.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Composer!

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