Showcase T3Terminal's TYPO3 extensions and TYPO3 templates by affiliating with advertisement at your website, writing reviews and linking products to your blog, advertise and recommend our products at your website, or promote us in your social media.

We welcome any sort of legal promotion and will be happy to provide anything you need to start earning money: banners, referral buttons or simply advice.


How it Works?

Step 1

Generate a special link to T3Terminal TYPO3 Marketplace or a specific product, and publish it on your blog, website, etc.

Step 2

Track all purchases made with your link with a special built-in affiliate ID.

Step 3

Receive a 20% commission depending on the volume of sales your traffic generates quarterly.

Recent FAQs

How does the Affiliate Program work at T3Terminal?

It’s pretty simple. You sign up, generate your affiliate links, and place them on your site. Then every time a user clicks one of your links and purchases a theme from our site, you will be credited <x>% with a sale.

How do I get paid?

We will pay you every month for the previous month’s sales. Payments will be made via PayPal. Please note that there is a payment threshold of $100.

Why should I promote your TYPO3 Products?

Because they are well designed and developed, easy to use and come with great support. This means they are easy to sell, which means more money for you

What is the monthly Payout System?

We pay our affiliates every month via PayPal (after a 30 day waiting period to account for refunds).

To Join our Affiliate Program, and to Know More Please Contact Us.

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