TYPO3 Vs Wix - Which One is Better?

TYPO3 Vs Wix - Which One is Better?

Are you trying to decide between TYPO3 vs Wix to build your website? 

The main difference between Wix and TYPO3 is that Wix is a website builder while TYPO3 is an open-source content management system. Both platforms allow you to build websites and they share one common goal: enabling users to create amazing and usable websites in a simple manner.

With the spirit of healthy competition, we’ll be putting Wix vs TYPO3 to measure how they perform against each other against various factors. In the end, only one will remain, so let’s get the fight started!

The Key differences: TYPO3 vs Wix

Let us discuss some of the major differences to choose between Wix or TYPO3:

  • TYPO3 is open-source, which can be used and modify for free, whereas Wix offers a basic website for free with limited facilities; we need to use a premium service to use all features.
  • Wix is easy to use as it provides a drag and drop facility, whereas, in TYPO3, we need to familiarize ourselves with all options and how to use them.
  • Wix has widespread customer support through email, calls, tutorials, etc., whereas TYPO3 has no official support, but it has supported through forums, slack channels, TYPO3 blogs, and large TYPO3 communities.
  • Wix has around 200 extensions that can be used to add more features to the website, whereas TYPO3 has so many free extensions nearly 8000+ available, moreover premium extensions and custom extension development are supported. So TYPO3 has more functionalities.
  • Wix themes can be customized without having any knowledge of web programming, whereas TYPO3 templates can be customized only if we have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS; otherwise, it will be difficult to get the desired look. 
  • There's no way back from Wix i.e. taking your website data and design adjustments with you by exporting. Whereas TYPO3 has good export functionality, eventually database access if needed.

Wix vs TYPO3 - Important Differences to Consider

TYPO3 Or Wix: Which one should you use?

Ultimately, we have to rule in favor of TYPO3 when it comes to the Wix vs TYPO3 debate. TYPO3 enables its users to customize every single aspect of their website. Despite forcing users to take security into their hands, it provides them with all of the tools to do so. Lastly, there is always free support from the community, and are hundreds if not thousands of TYPO3 tutorials available for tackling any issues you might encounter.

However, we have to say that we’re mightily impressed by how easy it is to use Wix and the many options it provides. If you’re just looking to get an attractive website up and running quickly, then Wix might be a pick for you.

What are your views? Do you like TYPO3 or Wix, or have you experienced working with both? Share your views in the comment section below!

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Comments :

  • Falko June 10, 2021 At 10:53 pm
    Thanx Anjali for the detailed comparison. What I might add is: AFAIK there's no way back from Wix i.e. taking your website data and design adjustments with you by exporting.
    Whereas TYPO3 has good export functionality, eventually database access if needed.
    • Anjali June 15, 2021 At 8:23 am
      Dear Falko!

      Many thanks for your suggestion and comment. Indeed I agree with your statement, and I've added it to the blog.

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