Enrich Your Website With Multipurpose TYPO3 Sliders

Enrich Your Website With Multipurpose TYPO3 Sliders

Setting up a slider image on your TYPO3 website can be your game changer.

A slider to your website can improve User Experience to a great extent. To make a page look more organized – especially with a large number of media – sliders can continuously run or play the series of photos without the need to click anything on the part of the site visitor.

Ultimately, this TYPO3 website design tool helps to create an organized and more interactive page and helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.

But what is a slider?

Basically, a slider is a series of images that appear in sequence. With a TYPO3 Slider, you can show a part of your post in your slider like the title, the featured image, a short description and a button which navigates you directly to the post.

Why use a slider on your website?

We believe your website should have a slider image on the Homepage and other important pages like references, services etc. Here are the good reasons why your website should have a slider image:

  1. can fine-tune your thoughts
  2. Slider can enhance the visual appeal
  3. Slider can improve the functionality of TYPO3 site
  4. Slider will improve user Experience
  5. Slider can make navigation easy
  6. Slider can change dynamically
  7. Slider saves space!

Which TYPO3 slider is the best fit for your website?

TYPO3 being a multipurpose CMS. There are plenty of TYPO3 websites from small to medium to enterprise-level, because of its ability to easily install, learn and use. Despite how great the core features are, it’s true meaning is if we could extend them.

General TYPO3 Extensions from TER

There are various TYPO3 Slider extensions at TYPO3 Extensions Repository which are easy to install so you can get more features for your site. For instance, there are extensions which help you create a beautiful TYPO3 Slider.


To integrate an all-rounder slider to your TYPO3 website, we recommend you to use All In One TYPO3 Slider Extension. This slider can be easily set up as a dynamic slider, and you can create your slider with a few clicks.

For TYPO3 News Extension

TYPO3 News extension is very popular. To integrate a slider to news section of your TYPO3 website we would suggest you to use TYPO3 News Slider extension. The extension allows you to create a beautiful news slider for your website. This extension has come up with a number of popular sliders. In addition, News slider is easy and handy to use!

Well, these sliders displays are ideal for organizing content into a decent clean module. Moreover, slider extension is the only TYPO3 extension that provides use most popular jQuery slider extensions at your website.

Do you know?

All In One TYPO3 Slider Extension provides configuration to Nivo Slider, Royal Slider, Owlcarousel, Slider Js Slider & Slick slider. Let’s checkout how they look in your website!

Nivo Slider

Owl Carousel Slider

Royal Slider

SlideJS Slider

Slick Slider

Example Backend Configuration

  • Responsive Design
  • You can enable/disable Autoplay
  • Set desired transition speed
  • You can add Paginations
  • You can integrate button to your slider
  • Image Captions
  • Display Thumbnail Images
  • Control Image Looping
  • Adjust Navigation Arrow Auto-hide
  • Handle slider navigation through Keyboard
  • Add or remove Global Caption

Globally Configure Slider’s Options

Individual Slider Plugin-level Configuration

Isn’t it cool? Everything you need at a single place!

If you have explored TYPO3 extension repository, you may have found a lot of slider extensions.

Why should you choose All In One TYPO3 Slider Extension for your website?

Because with All In One TYPO3 Slider Extension you can set up your layout from a variety of options available, you can create a free full-width slider, it is fully responsive, customizable and has more features than some advanced post slider extensions. If you have pages or posts, and you would like to highlight them in a slider, this extension is the best choice for you.

Extension Key



TYPO3 v6, v7, v8, v9

Extension URL:






And why you should opt for TYPO3 News Slider extension for news section?

News Slider extension allows you to add, manage and display news, widget, and vertical news scrolling widget on your website. This extension can be used to show the latest news on your website. News extension is one of the ways to effectively increase the dynamics of the online web space with news archives, scrolling news and thumbnails. Add, manage and remove the news section on your CMS website.

Extension Key



TYPO3 v6, v7, v8, v9

Extension URL:






All In One TYPO3 Slider Extension - FREE vs PRO!

P.S We have a Free version for this extension too! Check it out. You may check out extra extended features of the Pro version in the table below.

Final Words

All In One TYPO3 Slider Extension and TYPO3 News Slider extension is built with the latest TYPO3 core coding standards and techniques, and is compatible with every TYPO3 Template. So what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing extension and boost up the performance of your TYPO3 website now!

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