15 Best TYPO3 Extensions For Integrators: Series 2

15 Best TYPO3 Extensions For Integrators: Series 2

Welcome to the TYPO3 Extensions T3Popular Series 2 to explore what are the Best TYPO3 Extensions for Integrators.

In case you missed Series 1, for TYPO3 Developers checkout Top 10 Popular TYPO3 Extensions For Developers: Series 1

Are you excited to know which are the most popular TYPO3 Extensions for TYPO3 Integrators? Here we go!

Note: Following extensions list been prepared based on downloads, popularity in the community and our decade of TYPO3 experience.

Wait… Before checkout extensions list, Let’s give big hands to all authors & their TYPO3 agency who are contributing their time & money by developing and maintaining these great TYPO3 extensions for TYPO3 Community. Of course, our hats-off to all extensions developers who are not in this list, but continuously contributing to TYPO3 with heartily give back to the TYPO3 Community.

Let’s go to check most powerful TYPO3 extensions ever For TYPO3 Integrators!

#15 TYPO3 Have a Blog: No more 3rd party blog-solution!


At start-up of TYPO3 GmbH, the team developed one of the most awaited and missing TYPO3 extension - EXT:blog for TYPO3.com blog and published for TYPO3 Community. It covers all basic blog features integrated within the TYPO3 Page module to keep providing backend flexibility.

Extension key




#14 Render Your TypoScript

One more popular TYPO3 extension from Helmut Hummel. TYPO3 Integrator always like such kind of small but useful TYPO3 extension. Do you want to render TypoScript with the path? Then this extension will help you - especially whenever you are rendering pages/content features using AJAX request.

At start-up of TYPO3 GmbH, the team developed one of the most awaited and missing TYPO3 extension - EXT:blog for TYPO3.com blog and published for TYPO3 Community. It covers all basic blog features integrated within the TYPO3 Page module to keep providing backend flexibility.

Extension key




#13 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) - Quickly Develop Custom Elements

Click-n-go to create custom content element extension developed by Armin Vieweg. One of the best Flexform-based content elements extension. Each TYPO3 site always need custom element like sliders, tabs, etc. Simple backend module and much more features which makes it super easy to create own content element types.

Extension key




#12 Powerful Frontend Users Management

Source: https://docs.typo3.org/

Team in2code developed, one of the most popular TYPO3 Extension for frontend user management which provides registration, and frontend users management.

Extension key




#11 Perfect TYPO3 Bootstrap Template/Theme

Source https://github.com/benjaminkott/bootstrap_package

Benjamin Kott, a Well-known man of TYPO3, developed great TYPO3 Extension for beginners to expert level TYPO3 Integrators. It will help you to work as a framework for your new TYPO3 site as well as everything you need available for learning best practice to develop TYPO3 website template.

Extension key




Get Bootstrap Package TYPO3 Extension Documentation

#10 Defender For Your Content

Do you want to allow/disallow content element types in your Backend Layout? The content_defender extension from Nicole Cordes will help you to achieve it.

Extension key




#9 Ke_Searh - Alternatives to Indexed Search

Source https://docs.typo3.org/

Extension from team Pluswerk is alternative to TYPO3 core’s indexed_search with more powerful search feature like faceted full-text search, fast & flexible, filtering, file indexing, images in search results.

Extension key




#8 Sourceopt - Optimize your TYPO3 Page

Since 2003, This small sourceopt extension is developed and maintained to improve your page’s speed by optimization of your site with formatting (x)HTML output. It will remove new-lines and quotes to your page’s size will be decreased.

Extension key




#7 Mask - Yet Another TYPO3 Template Method

Source https://mask.webprofil.at/

Team WEBprofil (specially Gernot Ploiner) developed cool TYPO3 templating solution to easily create page templates and custom content elements. The beauty of this extension is closely connected and developed within the TYPO3 core, and you don’t require much programming language, the backend is so useful with drag-n-drop stuff.

Extension key




#6 Easily Manage & List Your Addresses

Source: https://docs.typo3.org/

Most popular extension developed since 2002, To easily manage & rich-level addresses from backend and display at frontend.

Extension key




#5 Enable Images at Our Awesome CKEditor

Source https://github.com/netresearch/t3x-rte_ckeditor_image

By default, TYPO3 core does not provide to add images into brand-new CKEditor RTE. Thanks to Christian Opitz for a quick solution which will help you to easily setup images into CKEditor.

Extension key




Get CKEditor Image TYPO3 Extension Documentation

#4 Feature-rich TYPO3 Forms Management

Source https://docs.typo3.org/

Everyone knows TYPO3’s feature-rich form management extension powermail from Team In2Code. Although, TYPO3 core’s form framework is growing well to have all such features within TYPO3 core.

Extension key




#3 Grid Elements - Must have TYPO3 extension for Integrators

Source https://docs.typo3.org/

One of the most loved extensions by TYPO3 integrators to give fantastic backend usability with grids From Grid Elements Team.

This extension integrates the grid layout concept also to regular content elements - the grid elements. It offers a lot of new features like advanced drag & drop or real references, that improve the usability of the page and list module to speed up the daily work with the backend.

Extension key




#2 vhs - Get more Productivity for Fluid

Claus Due, The TYPO3 Fluid-man! Experienced TYPO3 Integrators always like EXT:vhs from FluidTYPO3 Team. You know the power of Fluid, but still, fluid-core is missing many features in concern to helpful ViewHelpers. This extension provides a collection of ViewHelpers to perform your day-to-day fluid challenges eg., Formmaters, Maths, Specialized conditions etc.

Extension key




#1 News - Most Downloaded TYPO3 Extension

Georg Ringer, who is well-known for his TYPO3 EXT:news. All-time highest downloaded TYPO3 extension from TER and Packagist. No words for this extension as everyone knows how popular it is :)

Extension key





Feature-rich TYPO3 News Comments System

One of our popular TYPO3 extensions which can intelligently and easily integrate feature-rich comment plugin at News extension.

Extension key




All In One TYPO3 Sliders

Are you looking to get all popular OpenSource sliders within one extension? Checkout Enrich Your Website with Multipurpose TYPO3 Sliders

Extension key

ns_all_sliders & ns_news_sliders



For TYPO3 Pages:

For TYPO3 News:


  • Above mentioned TYPO3 extensions are very useful to TYPO3 integrators into their day-to-day TYPO3 projects with Template integration, Backend setup, Custom content elements etc.,
  • There are hundreds of small to bigger TYPO3 extensions available for TYPO3 Integrators at TER (TYPO3 Extensions Repository).
  • As TYPO3 Integrator, Keep learning and exploring to improve the quality and productivity of TYPO3 template projects.

Which are your other favourite TYPO3 extensions as a TYPO3 Integrators? We will happy to receive at below comment box.

Meanwhile you can check out series: 3 - 10 Awesome TYPO3 Extensions For Editors.

Stay tuned for more such interested TYPO3 Blog series!

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