TYPO3 EXT:blog Pagination Routing Enhancer

Category : YAML , By : Nilesh Malankiya

Configure TYPO3 routing enhancer for smart paging's speaking URL to blog TYPO3 extension.

Step 1. Open /sites/yoursite/config.yaml

Step 2. Add below routeEnhancers code


# Config.yaml
    type: Extbase
    extension: Blog
    plugin: Posts
        routePath: '/page-{page}'
        _controller: 'Post::listRecentPosts'
          page: '@widget_0/currentPage'
    defaultController: 'Post::listRecentPosts'
      page: \d+
        type: StaticRangeMapper
        start: '1'
        end: '1000'

To keep improving, Do you have feedback and suggestions? Or, Are you facing any issues to implement above TYPO3 tutorial? Feel free to write your comment at below comment box; I'll happy to help you :)

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