RTE Editor Issue with TYPO3 6 & 7

Kategorie : General , By : Ravi Gadhavi

Are you facing TYPO3 RTE editor broken issue with TYPO3 6 or 7? Mostly it causes problem with Google chrome browser. Here is the TYPO3 tutorial with TYPO3 core fix.

Step 1. Open Editor JS File


// for 6.2 /typo3/sysext/rtehtmlarea/htmlarea/htmlarea.js
// for LTS 7 /typo3/sysext/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Public/JavaScript/HTMLArea/Editor/Editor.js 


Step 2. Find and Replace Below Code


// Find Code
src: UserAgent.isGecko ? 'javascript:void(0);' : (UserAgent.isWebKit ? 'javascript: \'' + Util.htmlEncode(this.config.documentType + this.config.blankDocument) + '\'' : HTMLArea.editorUrl + 'Resources/Public/Html/blank.html')

// Replace Code
src: UserAgent.isGecko ? 'javascript:void(0);' : (UserAgent.isWebKit ? 'about:blank;' : HTMLArea.editorUrl + 'Resources/Public/Html/blank.html')


Step 3. Clear TYPO3 Backend Cache & Browser Cache

To keep improving, Do you have feedback and suggestions? Or, Are you facing any issues to implement above TYPO3 tutorial? Feel free to write your comment at below comment box; I'll happy to help you :)

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