10 Steps to Install DDEV TYPO3 Solr Extension

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Are you looking for a quick tutorial to install & configure DDEV TYPO3 Solr? DDEV is a docker based development environment and has the built-in ability to run TYPO3 on solr. In this guide, you will get step-by-step guide to install & configure DDEV + TYPO3 + Apache + TYPO3 Solr Extension.

Step 1. ddev composer require apache-solr-for-typo3/solr

Step 2. ddev typo3 extension:deactivate solr && ddev typo3 extension:activate solr

Step 3. nano .ddev/docker-compose.solr.yaml


version: '3.6'

    container_name: ddev-${DDEV_SITENAME}-solr
    image: typo3solr/ext-solr:10.0.1
    restart: "no"
      - 8983
      com.ddev.site-name: ${DDEV_SITENAME}
      com.ddev.approot: $DDEV_APPROOT
      - HTTP_EXPOSE=8983
      - "./solr:/opt/solr/server/solr"
      # If you want your solr to persist over `ddev stop` and `ddev start` then uncomment the following line
      # If you uncomment it and want to flush your data you have to `ddev stop` and then
      # `docker volume rm ddev-<projectname>_solrdata` to destroy it.
      # - solr:/var/solr
      - solr

  # solr is a persistent Docker volume for this project's solr data
  # the volume will be named ddev-<project>_solr


Step 4. mkdir -p .ddev/solr && cp -r public/typo3conf/ext/solr/Resources/Private/Solr/* .ddev/solr

Step 5. ddev restart

Step 6. Backend > Sites > Site Management > Your Site: Solr Tab > Host = solr

Step 6. Backend > Sites > Site Management > Your Site: Languages tab > Corename = core_en

Step 7. Backend > Web > Template > Includes: Add "Search - Base Configuration (solr) + Search - Default Stylesheets (solr)"

Step 8. Flush all caches

Step 9. Backend > Info > Apache Solr: Check connection with Apache Solr server.

Step 10. Backend > Apache Solr > Index Queue: Add to Queue and Index now!

Step 11. Test-drive Solr Server at http://yourpoject.ddev.site:8983/solr


Tips: How to add Multiple Solr Cores into DDEV/Docker?

By default DDEV run with one core; If you want to add Multiple solr cores then you can configure with below.

To keep improving, Do you have feedback and suggestions? Or, Are you facing any issues to implement above TYPO3 tutorial? Feel free to write your comment at below comment box; I'll happy to help you :)

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