TYPO3 Upgrade Extensions Compatibility


TYPO3 Upgrade Extensions Compatibility Report supports to check feasibility and complexity. Just install and select your target TYPO3 version and use the great features to analyze estimation and define project flow. Check out extra extended features of Pro version in Product Overview section

  • V4
  • Downloads : 8776
  • Last Update : 22 Jan 2022
  • Created Date : 14 Oct 2019
  • Categories : Utility, Performance


  • Extension Key

    ns_ext_compatibility / Stable

  • TYPO3 Version Support
  • Composer support

    composer req nitsan/ns_ext_compatibility

  • Compatible Browser
  • Compatible Devices


TYPO3 Upgrade Extensions Compatibility Report . One of the only TYPO3 extension which provides all the features like TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report. In addition, provides notification of new update via Email. Moreover, it covers the system overview report, Compatible with all major versions of TYPO3 from 4.x to 8.x. Above all, extension will help you to check TYPO3 upgrade feasibility and complexity. So now it's easy to analyze upgrade estimation and define a perfect upgrade workflow.

Quick Highlights

Key features list



Compatibility report for all extensions
System Information report
Extension Statistics Report
Server Compatibility Report
Email upon new release of TYPO3 core
Email upon new release of installed extension
Export Reports in PDF
Set your Logo in Exported Report
Notification on every new TYPO3 version release
Copyright Text at footer in exported report
Set Default TYPO3 Target Version
Installation status of all extensions
Latest Version of all extensions in system
Extension Details with a single click
Extension history details
Extension Documentation Link
TER Link of extension
Complete Server Compatibility Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have documentation to guide us for extension installation?

We have detailed documentation, Please click on documentation link on this page which will lead you to our official documentation https://docs.t3terminal.com/

Will T3Terminal help me to customize my purchased extension?

Yes, you can always reach us as at https://t3terminal.com/support-submit-ticket/ with your TYPO3 extension customization needs.

Is composer based installation possible?

Yes, For free TYPO3 extension, you can just use as mentioned composer installation command on this page. For the premium TYPO3 extension, we will provide you an access of our Private TYPO3 Composer Server.

How can I get future updates on new available version of extension?

We will keep you notified with email alerts for every new version update

Will you help us to install the extension?

Yes, you can always opt for our installation service while buying any template.

Can you help me getting familiar with back-end environment?

Yes, with our extended support service, our TYPO3 experts also train and help our customers to get familier and used to TYPO3 backend.

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