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Becoming a Seller at T3Terminal is easy. There are additional terms for a seller T3Terminal Seller terms and Conditions. They are an extra part of the T3Terminal Terms that apply specifically to seller on the T3Terminal. You’ll need to agree to them before you can become a seller. You agree to put your items on T3Terminal and make them available to buyers on the basis stated in T3Terminal’s seller Terms and conditions.

As a seller on the T3Terminal, you have responsibilities to us and buyers of your items. Please take the time to review these seller processes and terms carefully.

  • You have the full right, power and authority to enter into this agreement and to fully perform all of your obligations.
  • Your Assets are owned, controlled and licensed to you. You retain all Intellectual Property Rights to your posted Assets.
  • Your assets and its use at T3Terminal should not violate any Terms and the Service of third party's property rights and privacy rights.
  • You will not provide inaccurate, misleading or false information to T3Terminal or to any other User. If the information provided subsequently becomes inaccurate, misleading or false, you will promptly notify T3Terminal of such change.
  • You will not provide service directly to the buyers or to the sites for purchasing the asset.

Seller rights


When you ‘sell’ an item, you’re making your item available to buyers and downloaders to use that item under certain conditions. What you’re selling includes a license directly to the buyer or downloader to use that item under the relevant license options that we set.

Item support

You can choose whether or not to support certain items. If you choose to support an item, this will be identified on the item page. All supported items include a support period. Buyers can buy support extensions on these items.

Total Price

Item price: The item price is made up of a license fee (for the license chosen for the item), and if relevant the item support fee (for supported items).

Handling fee: In some transactions, the total checkout price may include a handling fee.

Taxes: Some transactions may be subject to tax that may be added to the price.


When you become a seller, you can choose to make your items and related items available exclusively on T3Terminal or to retain the ability to sell your items elsewhere. The percentage of revenue you receive from each sale of your item will vary depending on your choice. You can change the exclusivity status of your account at any time.

Your earnings; seller fee

When your item is sold on T3Terminal, you will earn the item price component of the list price less an author fee that we charge. Seller fee will be charged by T3Terminal for use of our platform and services as a seller.

Setting the prices of items

As a seller, you are responsible for setting the prices for your items. You must make all pricing decisions independently.


We have rules about what we accept and don’t accept. Your product would be reviewed and we will have the final say on whether items are accepted for T3Terminal.

Seller and their product selection norms

To create a high-quality resource repository for TYPO3 audience and ensure sellers receive great rewards for their work, sellers must meet our strict quality guidelines and undergo our selection process.

  • Sellers must have a specific level of quality across their profile displaying a decent level of skill. If there's a mixture of quality in one’s profile then we evaluate on a case by case basis, based on recent work.
  • Sellers should be actively creating and uploading new work.
  • Decent item presentation and description of items is a must. Products must be accurately represented, with preview images and if possible with a demo. Item titles, previews & descriptions must be clear and accurate.
  • Assets must be well compatible with current versions of the technology.
  • The assets must be built using the latest coding and designing standards.
  • We appreciate good customer feedback and a history of having a good reputation at T3Terminal or other similar platforms.
  • The products must not have any intellectual property or copyright issues.


Fast payment release: Without any threshold money amount of your earnings, we’ll make payment transactions instantly.

Payment methods & Currency conversions: We accept client’s payments via payment gateway PayPal as well as we make seller’s payments instantly via PayPal. Whenever we make a payment to you as a seller, you are responsible for all costs of conversion and transfer charges of the amount of the payment into your preferred currency. Your financial institution does the currency conversion and may charge you additional fees.

Policy to change

Moreover, T3Terminal reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. Changes to our terms and conditions will be updated and published at this page and we will be notified to existing sellers.

Being a seller with T3Terminal, we expect your cooperation, support, and assurance that you comply with all of our terms, conditions and requirements. We would be glad to welcome you to the T3Terminal family and wish you more success ahead.

T3Terminal - Become A Seller

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