The recent global Coronavirus pandemic is changing the economy, businesses and lives of people.

It could be one of the most significant events of the decade as the ongoing outbreak has provisionally put an end to our busy, social and professional lives.

We people at T3Terminal think it's a high time to contribute to society by spreading awareness and updates about COVID-19 pandemic by providing FREE TYPO3 website.

“Just focus to care people from COVID-19,
and we will take care of the website”.

Do you wish to run a website to fight COVID-19?

T3Terminal will run it for you for FREE with our TYPO3 SaaS

Need a website to share news, update, awareness measures or simply anything related to COVID-19 for the betterment of the community?

T3Terminal wants to help you for this noble cause. If you are wishing to run a website to serve educational causes, government, public health, or community initiatives, we will provide you with a FREE TYPO3 website powered by our TYPO3 SaaS services.

Now build a TYPO3 website in minutes!
Build, Publish, & Launch TYPO3 site without technical skill

Our intelligent TYPO3 website builder does all the automatized process to create a personalized site in minutes, just for you. Simply fill-up short form and your website would be live in no time. Modify and customize it the way you want.

  • No card required
  • Sign up with an email
  • Safe and encrypted

Build Free
TYPO3 Template

Publish Free
TYPO3 Website

Launch Your
TYPO3 Website

Do you have anything else in mind?

The coronavirus crisis has gripped the world and now is the time to act. Let us know if you have any other ideas, we are with you!

Let's contribute by all possible means to society!

  • Stay at Home
  • Stay Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any money or fees to create and setup my TYPO3 website?

No, there is not any hidden fees, It's aboslutely free to create your TYPO3 website - Help to the society, Give back to the community.

Can I use these TYPO3 SaaS specifically for the cause of COVID19 and not for other purposes?

Yes, you can use this Free TYPO3 SaaS service but only for noble cause to contribute for COVID19 reason.

Is it possible to setup TYPO3-website in my domain?

Yes, we can help you to setup TYPO3-website in your domain.

Do I need to submit my credit card details while signing up for the COVID19 campaign?

No, It's free TYPO3 website, you can simply sign up with your email address and you are good to go.

How long would it take for the website to be live?

A jiffy! Your website would be live in less than a minute. We have one of world's first-ever Click-n-Launch TYPO3 Website.

What our Happy TYPO3 SaaS Customers have to say

Start to help community from COVID-19! Do you have any any questions?

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