Work Life & Culture at T3Terminal!

Work Life & Culture at T3Terminal!

Hi T3Terminal blog readers! This week we have a special blog post for you, with keen requests from our readers to meet and feel the people behind the curtains of T3Terminal. As so today we’re introducing the faces, work, and culture of T3Terminal!

You must be knowing how madly we love TYPO3! And that’s why T3Terminal was born! Being a medium for TYPO3 developers or agencies to have expanded access to premium TYPO3 resources as extensions and templates with TYPO3 automation services as TYPO3 SaaS. And only because we love TYPO3, we want to serve the best innovative product for TYPO3 lovers like you!

Without boring you much, let's dive in and allow me to introduce you to our work, how we handle support tickets, our culture, and how your favorite TYPO3 resources are crafted.

How T3Terminal Was Born - Story from CEO’s desk!

The Big Dream! 

Yes, our story begins in 2018, when TYPO3 was on the rise but lacked premium products as TYPO3 templates and premium TYPO3 extensions. Our founders, Sanjay and Nitin, dreamed of creating a platform to sell premium products to an audience that they are looking for and they might not otherwise reach. 

The dream was launched in October 2019 and T3Terminal, being said as a one-stop destination for premium TYPO3 products, TYPO3 education, TYPO3 jobs, and everything a TYPO3 fanatic wishes was born! T3Terminal was launched at TYPO3 Conference 2019 at Hague - the Netherlands. 

The vision of T3Terminal - One-stop TYPO3 Solutions. We were looking for a name as the last destination - And word Terminal clicked! Connecting premium TYPO3 resources and buyers.

Meet The Pillars of T3Terminal

The key strength of T3Terminal are the people with it, behind it, and of course the motive behind it.

Our Customers, Yes you!

Customers like you, each day brings something new: new people and projects, problem-solving and new information. 

"Treat the customer like you would want to be treated. Period!"

You keep us motivated to serve you the best and your issues and feedback help us to keep improving each and every day! Every day a new experience for us to grant you something unique. 

Team T3Terminal values and thanks to all the customers from the core of their heart and morals.

Team T3Terminal

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results!

No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your dream vision and success owes to your passionate team. With a powerful team of 25+ techies, T3Terminal is a successful venture because of the team’s continuous efforts. We’re happy to say that 3 years later, the original crew is still here, grinding & guiding T3Terminal toward our vision.

Our motto

With continuous efforts and dedication, we're strong on our motto to make TYPO3 easy for anyone in the world to launch and grow their online presence, through education, high-quality products, and reliable support.

We feel like we're just getting started. There’s so much work to be done.

Let’s explore how your favorite T3Terminal Products are crafted!

TYPO3 products at T3Termial are designed with utmost research and development care to serve you the best. Now let’s check out how our TYPO3 products are cooked! ;)

  1. Market research for most needed and unique templates and extensions
  2. Product finalization and kick-off for ideas.
  3. Product drafting and blueprint.
  4. Task assignment
  5. Front-end development
  6. TYPO3 Back-end development
  7. Quality Assurance and testing
  8. Ready to launch for marketing and promotion
  9. Feedback and enhancements
  10. Releasing and providing updates

How does the TYPO3 support team work?

To handle all the incoming questions, queries, customizations, suggestions, and feedback it requests developers’ knowledge to solve the most complicated issues, collect bug reports from customers, resolve them and go the extra mile to make our customers happy. The support department at T3Terminal is always ready to lend a helping hand to everyone who needs support.

We understand that every client deserves a personal approach and should be treated like a king. To handle your issues, questions, or requirements we have a special customer care approach and we do have,

  • Support center where a customer can submit a ticket for their query. 
  • European time support via chat and call mediums.
  • Feedback & improvements are considered to enhance the products. 
  • Notify on product updates personally via email

How does the Marketing & Sales teamwork at T3Terminal?

CRM Management

Our sales team takes care of your data according to GDPR norms. Use your data to provide you regular product updates, update your selections, and manage your future choices. 

Blog writing & Knowledge sharing

As with our aim to share TYPO3 knowledge. Our expert TYPO3 bloggers regularly bi-weekly write interesting TYPO3 blogs upon which a lot of research and analysis on topics are demanded from our subscribers and audience to write a blog on.

Marketing Artists

Upon every concept either say blog, social media or maybe consider an extension or template launch, our graphics designers come out designing the best of the unique design approach for the same. Our graphics designers focus on “graphics that convey more than words!”

Monthly campaigns and deals

Who loves offers and discounts? You do? Of Course, we love to bring it for you ;)

Our marketing team works on bringing the best deals, offers, and discounts. To keep you updated with the latest products from T3Terminal they deliver with freshly baked monthly newsletters!

We code and we celebrate at T3Terminal!

We're obsessed with celebrations, festivals, and love getting together for weekly trips & picnics! We love being together and that’s the reason we call us a “T3Terminal Family”.

Wish to explore our Indian culture, festival, and how we celebrate it?

Did you enjoy a virtual tour to T3Terminal?

We hope you loved visiting not just our T3Terminal site but visit and feel how people at T3Terminal work, explore our departments, roles, and responsibilities, and of course our vivid culture!

One small question, what do you feel about T3Terminal? Let us know in the comment box below ;)

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