Why TYPO3 is the Best CMS to Create Your Website

Why TYPO3 is the Best CMS to Create Your Website

TYPO3 is an Open-source CMS and is a free tool for creating websites that put you in control of the design, features, and content without requiring coding knowledge

It’s just one of the best options in the industry of website building software. Some of the alternatives—Wix, Shopify, Squarespace to name a few—offer similar features for a monthly fee. But there are many good reasons why TYPO3 is a better option. Let’s check them out!

TYPO3 -  Open Source CMS vs. Other CMS

Quick site builders like Wix and Squarespace offer many of the same features of TYPO3—templates, extensions, media file management. So what’s the difference?

TYPO3 is a free OpenSource CMS for creating websites that are free and have open-source features for development. In other words, anyone can create TYPO3 Templates and Extensions that can expand the functionality of any TYPO3 website. When you install TYPO3, you open the door to endless possibilities and continuous development over time. Better yet, using TYPO3 gives you total control over every aspect of your website, something that you can’t have with a more strictly managed software like Wix.

There are so many ways TYPO3 is the better choice for your website, and we’ve listed 18 of the most important ones in this blog post. We believe these reasons are why TYPO3 has an expansive, dedicated community of users and developers across the world.

Before you make a choice for your website platform, read these details and compare them with the CMS you’re interested in.

Top 20 reasons why choose TYPO3 for website

1. TYPO3 is for everybody

TYPO3 was created by the great Kasper Skårhøj as  Open Source CMS with a motive that anyone could build their own website and manage it just as well as a developer would. Everything that would require coding to create or update is translated into a simple user interface, with everything crucial to your website design and functionality at your fingertips. And as the slogan of TYPO3 says, “Inspiring people to share”, TYPO3 is for everybody.

2. TYPO3 keeps your website up to date!

One of the biggest difficulties with managing a website is keeping your technology up-to-date. Programming languages change all the time, and new technology keeps coming up every day.

Source: https://get.typo3.org/list/version/9

Team TYPO3 provides regular crucial updates. But with TYPO3, the core CMS is updated frequently, and if you buy a quality TYPO3 Template, the developer will keep your TYPO3 template updated with the latest coding practices and providing you upgrades. The best part is this is all under-the-surface work that happens while you carry on with your work.

3. TYPO3 template comes for all purposes

TYPO3 Templates are very similar to a Wix or Squarespace template. The big difference is that they are competitive and charge you monthly. Developers try to produce the most versatile, user friendly, and high-performance TYPO3 templates, hoping that you’ll buy theirs instead of using a free theme or another premium theme.

Developers such as at T3Terminal have created every type of TYPO3 Template conceivable, and some Template with efforts to make it more and more user friendly.

You can start with a free TYPO3 Template, but you will quickly find limitations and lesser quality compared to premium TYPO3 Template. However, by comparison with developer costs, or even a monthly subscription, great quality themes are cheap. You can buy an amazing theme with multiple design demos, infinite customization, and clean code for about $49. And that’s a one-time fee, which will include updates and developer support.

Source: www.t3terminal.com

4. TYPO3 Templates include portable and pre-made website designs

TYPO3 Template demos are essentially pre-made websites that you can import with all the configurations and content intact, and trust us it saves you tons of time and help you create a professional website that’s lives up to standards of design and development.

For example, Let's consider a template  T3 Internet, a template designed for ISP company services, broadband internet services, and software companies. With a demo design, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and just make minor changes with regards to your services. You can still change layout, features, and branding to make it unique.

5. TYPO3 website can be expanded with TYPO3 Extensions

TYPO3 Extensions are the extra functionalities that can be added to any TYPO3 website to add features or expand functionality. Most extensions, from security to backups to marketing are free. Just like templates, the best extensions are updated and managed by dedicated TYPO3 developers in the  TYPO3 Community to stay in line with current standards and best practices.

6. Anyone can develop or customize a TYPO3 Template or Extension

As we mention that TYPO3 is totally open-source. That means that developers, or aspiring developers, can build businesses or freelance work on the TYPO3 framework and make money. It also means that everyone has access to the core software and resources.

With development open to anyone, it’s no wonder that there are so many great TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 Extensions available in the market. The collective  TYPO3 Community is always working to improve and add value to every aspect of TYPO3.

7. TYPO3 is a huge community - always ready to help!

There are many major websites running on TYPO3, and behind TYPO3, there is an amazingly large and widespread  TYPO3 Community. A single Google search will yield you more articles than you can count for any question. On top of that, there are plenty of TYPO3-focused blogs, youtube channels, meetups, forums, and support groups to keep you busy for years to come.

8. TYPO3 help is mostly free!

Because of TYPO3's huge base of users and professionals, it’s incredibly easy to troubleshoot any problems, bugs or issues and get help when you need it. In addition to the many free resources online, there are TYPO3 certified Agencies that are official TYPO3 Partners and plenty of freelance TYPO3 developers and specialists to help you get work done. And if you want to learn it yourself, there are some great resources, check out this amazing blog to get started with

9. TYPO3 is international and multilingual

The  TYPO3 Community hosts TYPO3Camp, conferences, and meetups all over the world, where developers and users can collaborate and share knowledge. But TYPO3 is even more international at its core. TYPO3 has been translated into 175+ languages so it may be the most accessible CMS around.

10. Many professional companies and freelancers use TYPO3

If you’re running a business or other organization, you will easily find dedicated TYPO3 Agencies and freelancers familiar with TYPO3. Hence If you use TYPO3, you’ll cut costs and time on training by choosing a TYPO3 agency or freelancer or employee who is already familiar with it.

Source: www.nitsan.in

11. TYPO3 is completely FREE

The speed, security, and usability of your website hosting plan are dependent upon the company and plan that you choose. With Wix or Squarespace, the hosting is in their control. Whereas, when you set up hosting on your own, you get to choose how much storage, how fast your server is, and better yet—you have complete access to all the settings and data for your website.

You can choose  TYPO3 SaaS services and just sit back and relax. T3Terminal’s SaaS solutions are extremely fast, secure and user-friendly for your successful online projects. Our dedicated team provides all-in-one TYPO3 solutions within the  TYPO3 Marketplace like Installation, Templates, Hosting, SLA and Support. It sets up everything for you in a single click!

12. TYPO3 lets you get technical

With TYPO3 being an  Open Source, you can get as technical as you want or need to, including editing TYPO3 core, your Extension or template's code files if necessary.

13. TYPO3 is compatible with 3rd Party tools

Another huge plus to TYPO3 is third-party tool integrations. Things like email subscriber,  Newsletter, SEO tools like Yoast SEO, < other 3rd party extensions > integrate with TYPO3 through free extensions.

14. TYPO3 - Inspiring people to share

TYPO3 as its slogan stated "Inspiring People to Share" believes in sharing and caring for TYPO3 resources. People share their TYPO3 extensions and templates at TYPO3 Extension Repository and make it available for all to download and use for free. One another venture by T3Terminal is conceptualized for excellent B2B and B2C opportunities for TYPO3 business and TYPO3 website holders.

With this platform, TYPO3 developers or agencies will have expanded access to showcase resources and new opportunities to leverage building and selling more TYPO3 resources online. Whereas  Clients will have access to a range of high-quality TYPO3 themes and extensions, specifically built for the specific platform, making it even easier to create a branded website that is tailored to their business. Ultimately resulting in a fruitful TYPO3 ecosystem.

15. TYPO3 is  Multipurpose

TYPO3 is a top choice for many businesses and other Enterprise level of websites, and blogging purposes. TYPO3 can be used to create a social network, company intranet, cloud drive, an aggregator for multiple blog websites, a countdown, marketing landing pages, donation page, and even an event manager. Being  Multipurpose is the beauty of TYPO3!

16. TYPO3 is the most secure Open-source CMS

TYPO3 is the most secure CMS known with next to zero security breaches and the statistics speak for itself!

17. TYPO3 holds a bright future

While TYPO3 is always changing, updating and growing, the TYPO3 team is always refining and improving the experience and features for users like you. For instance, TYPO3’s new  Dashboard in TYPO3 version 10 will change the way TYPO3 works.

You’ll be able to create amazingly complex and beautiful layouts for your posts and pages without writing any HTML or CSS. There are many more exciting features on the way!

18. TYPO3 is fun!

Even TYPO3 might sound like the most boring, it’s actually one of the most entertaining pieces of software I’ve ever used. Being able to solve problems and create designs on your own, in minutes, without a hitch makes you feel pretty good. And, part of the fun is discovering what TYPO3 can do. You see people creating new businesses, works of art, and useful learning resources every minute of every day with TYPO3. It’s for everybody because anybody can do something great with it.


TYPO3 is one of the most popular CMS platform in the world.

As I’m sure you’ve learned from this guide, that didn’t happen by mistake. It doesn’t matter whether you’re building your first website without any experience, you should be using TYPO3 for your website.

There really isn’t any other content management system I would recommend as highly as TYPO3. What do you think of TYPO3? Please share your thoughts on it in the comment box below.

TYPO3 is an Open-source CMS and is a free tool for creating websites that put you in control of the design, features, and content without requiring coding knowledge It’s just one of the best options in the industry of website building software. Some of the alternatives—Wix, Shopify, Squarespace to name a few—offer similar features for a monthly fee. But there are many good reasons why TYPO3 is a better option. Let’s check them out!

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