TYPO3 vs Drupal - Which CMS Platform To Choose?

TYPO3 vs Drupal - Which CMS Platform To Choose?

TYPO3 and Drupal – indeed they both are very popular Open-Source Content Management Systems (CMS). Yes, all of these are built on PHP and MySQL. Do you think these can be used interchangeably? Well my friend, not really. There is a difference between these and depending on your business needs you need to choose the most appropriate one. 

In this short microblog post, check out the key differences and trends between TYPO3 VS Drupal. You are still here and reading this article, it means you are a very curious person to explore something exciting ;) Let’s go!

TYPO3 vs Drupal : The Comparison

TYPO3 vs Drupal : Considering Core Features!





Faster as compared to Drupal


Ease of Use

Harder to set up as it is made

for those who already have 

excellent development skills.

Need technical advanced skill Level

to learn and use than with TYPO3


The highest level of security is

the most secure CMS

Good security


Built with enterprises in mind,

it comes with many multisite


Built-in multisite features but not

always the most comfortable to

use as with complex setup



Multilingual with 51+ language


Multilingual with 100+ language


Updates &


It requires regular updates and

overall maintenance is costly and


Difficulty maintaining and upgrade

high-end websites with Drupal

requires considerabletime investment.

Use Of


Easy to use TYPO3 plugins with

plug-and-play functionalities.

Drupal modules are much more developer

-focused. You’ll find various solutions to

expand the APIs, set up additional tokens

for devs, do more advanced user

management, and so on


Smaller community but you

can always learn more and

get help from here


Moderate community, hundreds of forums

and so many blogs.You can get help from

here https://www.drupal.org/ 


Using CMS

Sony, Philips, Mercedes, Korber,

Hitachi, 3M Co, Saint Gobain SA,


Cobra, Tesla Motors, Whole Foods,

 Timex, Nokia, etc


Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you found it exciting and learning something about TYPO3 ;)

Of course, I’m not saying “TYPO3 or Drupal is bad”, but ultimately choosing the CMS depends on your choice and your business needs. While both the CMS TYPO3 and Drupal are suitable for small to large to enterprise-level of the platform, if you are a little convinced with the comparison as mentioned above and the features of TYPO3, then give a little try - I’m sure you will be more than happy :)

And, In the below comment box, Feel free to write any questions to initiate your TYPO3 journey. I’ll be pleased to assist you!

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Comments :

  • Peter April 29, 2021 At 2:01 pm
    Can we please stop this X vs. Y comparison bullshit? There is no way to compare two CMS. First of all you define your needs, then you check which system better suits your needs. Everything else is unserious!

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