20+ Fascinating TYPO3 Statistics & Facts (2021)

20+ Fascinating TYPO3 Statistics & Facts (2021)

TYPO3 has certainly come a long way since it was first launched in 1998 — so too have the TYPO3 statistics that help to define this powerful software tool.

When initiated TYPO3 was a simple, free and easy-to-use open-source content management system. However, today, 22 years later, it has completely transformed itself and its digital marketing industries. 

Let’s recall cool statistics and key information about TYPO3. Some of these TYPO3 facts and TYPO3 statistics showcase the extent of worldwide TYPO3 domination and also help explain the key reasons behind this popularity, while others give insight toward understanding the TYPO3 CMS usage better.

Before moving to TYPO3 Statistics, let’s explore some TYPO3 Facts!


Interesting TYPO3 Facts

  1. TYPO3 Open Source CMS is 23 Years Old!
  2. TYPO3 is the Only Open Source CMS that Provides Extended Long Term Support.
  3. There Are 8100+ Free Extensions for TYPO3
  4. TYPO3 is developed with 595,857 lines of code.
  5. TYPO3 has ~80,000 registered developers!
  6. TYPO3 has 10,000+ Exciting Features
  7. TYPO3 has 30,327 commits made by 902 contributors.
  8. TYPO3 Has a dedicated Education System.
  9. TYPO3 took an estimated 161 years of effort (COCOMO model)
  10. 79,000+ developers are involved in the formation of TYPO3
  11. There are 1,647+ TYPO3 consultants worldwide
  12. TYPO3 has a Market Share of 0.3%

TYPO3 Statistics


#1 TYPO3 is the Most Secure Content Management System

#2 Highest number of TYPO3 websites are built on TYPO3 version 8.7

#3 TYPO3 is one of the richest CMS with maximum numbers of functions and interfaces!

#4 Top Countries that use TYPO3

51% of TYPO3 customers are in Germany, 6% are in Switzerland and 5% are in Austria.

#5 TYPO3 is the fastest Open Source CMS

#6 TYPO3 users and TYPO3 adaption is increasing every year

#7 TYPO3 Usage Statistics

#8 TYPO3 Wins the Game of Google's Core Web Vitals

#9 Top 5 Most Liked Extensions from TER

#10 Distribution of companies that use TYPO3 based on Industry

#11 People dropped using TYPO3 are switching to WordPress Platform the most

Wrapping Up!

A lot has changed for TYPO3 over the years. Тhe open-source software has earned its rank as the biggest and one of the most popular CMS. We also love it for its constant improvement, growth, and community contributions that make building and scaling websites more effective.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about TYPO3 facts and statistics. I wish these statistics for 2021 provide you with useful insights and give you a better idea about TYPO3.

Did we miss anything? Do you have interesting TYPO3 facts or statistics? I'd love to know it and integrate it into this article! Please share them in the comment box below!


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  • Simon Köhler March 1, 2021 At 4:08 pm
    Good overview and interesting facts. Thank you for this article. I also think TYPo3 earned some glory. How we can make it more attractive to the rest of the world?

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