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  1. 15 Checklist Points For Your TYPO3 Testing

    Are you done with the TYPO3 development of your website and, Is your TYPO3 website ready to go-live? Congratulations!

    Wait, Before you launch, Do you know, What is DoD - Definition of Done?

    Before you are going to launch your TYPO3 site, You should consider DoD with QC (Quality Checklist) and QA (Quality Assurance) more...

  2. 30 Ultimate TYPO3 SEO Tips & Techniques

    Are you looking for good TYPO3 SEO tools & techniques that can help you to improve your TYPO3’s on-site SEO? Then, you are at the correct place.

    You may already have found & read a lot of articles about what are the important things you need to take care for SEO. But it’s difficult to find where and how to implement those SEO features into the TYPO3 site. Here we go!

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