What TYPO3 Gurus think about T3Terminal?

What TYPO3 Gurus think about T3Terminal?

I’m feeling glad to write this micro TYPO3 blog because it’s all about close to heart  T3Terminal :) Do you want to know what famous TYPO3 Leaders and Techies (aka Gurus) are thinking about T3Terminal - The first-ever TYPO3 Marketplace? Let’s see!

Most popular TYPO3 faces appreciate T3Terminal’s work; What else do we need? Team T3Terminal is extremely happy whenever we get positive feedback on T3Terminal from customers or the lovely TYPO3 community. We are giving back to the community by writing fabulous TYPO3 blogs, participating in TYPO3 events and sprints etc. It’s our pleasure to become one of the active member in the TYPO3 community from INDIA.

Inspiring People To Communicate!

What’s TYPO3 Interview on Build Better TYPO3 Eco-system?

Basically, this TYPO3 micro-blog is the collection of our TYPO3 interview series. We connected with many people to know their thoughts on TYPO3. Most of the famous TYPO3 guys/gals accepted the TYPO3 interview and provided great answers to questions.

The goal of the TYPO3 interview series is to collect ideas and thoughts to build a better TYPO3 eco-system by asking questions to community and industry TYPO3 leaders.

Here is the question which was asked in every TYPO3 interview.

As we are managing T3Terminal, TYPO3 Marketplace, What do you think about T3Terminal.com? What are some key factors & characteristics that would attract you?

Take a cup of coffee and get ready to read exciting feedback on T3Terminal by following TYPO3 Gurus and Techies. Also, I highly recommend to read their TYPO3 interview - To know their feeling about TYPO3.

Benni - TYPO3 Core Project Lead

It’s great to see T3Terminal filling a place within the TYPO3 ecosystem, which was not available before. T3Terminal helps people to find quick and common solutions for their problems, which have been solved by others already!

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Jochen Weiland - Member of TYPO3 Association

Since many years there was the idea for a TYPO3 Market Place. The initial plan was, that this would be provided by the TYPO3 Association. However, the introduction was delayed for a long time and so I am happy, that Nitsan took the initiative of offering a solution. I like the idea of such a platform and I would like to see more support of this project by the official TYPO3 bodies.

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Mathias Bolt - Member of TYPO3 Association

I think it is great to see a shop like t3terminal.com come online. Giving vendors the possibility to distribute open source work and get paid for it is an important way to support the creation of new and better TYPO3 software. On the improvement side, I would love it if T3Terminal made this benefit even clearer, as well as highlighting the benefits of the GPL license and the open-source nature of the paid products. Those are sides of open source we speak about too seldom.

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Rachel - TYPO3 Association Board Member

T3Terminal is doing what everyone was waiting for but hasn't dared to do - Market Place, SaaS hosting, etc. It's a great thing, and you're doing it very well.

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Alain - Treasurer of TYPO3 GmbH

I think you guys are doing a great job. Keep going places!

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Frank Nägler - CTO of TYPO3 GmbH

I think T3Terminal is a good example of the power of open-source and the opportunities. T3Terminal provides services and solutions that help our community, from the customer to the developer to the agencies. And T3Terminal also supports the project by making TYPO3 more popular overall.

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Luisa - Head of TYPO3 Marketing Team

First of all - Thank you so much for taking that approach and creating such an amazing variety of templates! Standard, ready to use templates are something that TYPO3 is missing and something that sets us back in comparison to other competitors. I like that you cater to a lot of different needs and provide both simple, as well as more comprehensive solutions! Additionally, the premium extensions provide sleek solutions for highly and regularly requested features! T3terminal.com is neatly structured, easy to navigate and all in all a really great platform.

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Ric - Ex vice-president of the TYPO3 Association

First of all, any marketplace helps grow market share. So the initiative T3Terminal is excellent. Many of you probably know about the successful marketplaces like Themeforest and Templatemonster. Those two marketplaces have been a large contributor to the success of solutions like Wordpress. Building a site starts with selecting the tool (a CMS), a design and some functionality. TYPO3 has the label of a difficult to develop CMS. If you take out that complexity by providing templates for instance, you lower the barrier for agencies to start with TYPO3 and also, you create the possibility that people are quicker in picking up TYPO3. And that will foster the growth of users worldwide. (combined of course with more documentation and the new book). With marketplaces providing ready to use material, we target the market for DIY and agencies building small sites. That is a market that is also targeted by Wordpress and to a lesser degree WIXX and the likes. That is a market where revenu is low and profit thin. As such the business model is focussed on quantity. So, if standard components built with quality can help agencies in that part of the market, it sure helps.

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Georg Ringer - Author of News Extension

I haven’t used this marketplace yet but as a typical backend developer, I will give it a try for sure to avoid writing any CSS code ;) It’s great that there are so many templates available already!

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Alex - Pioneer of TYPO3 Powermail Extension

I think the offer of a TYPO3 marketplace is more than overdue, so I welcome your website. Such a service would be nice if it were supported directly by TYPO3. In addition to its official character, we might finally get into people's heads that software is valuable.

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Daniel - Member of TYPO3 Documentation Team

I don’t see myself as the target group of T3Terminal.com. But I really appreciate there are sources for other target groups, such as themes or easy installers.

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Thomas Löffler - Leader of TYPO3.org Team

There were many attempts to create such a market place and I’m happy that you just created one. Sometimes it can be good to just do it and improve and adjust it later.

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Gernot - Founder of TYPO3 Mask Extension

Your Blog! Hopefully you keep writing your interesting articles for a long time!

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Richard - TYPO3 Core Contributor

It is good to see such an initiative. It is always hard in the TYPO3 community to talk about money for extensions or contributions. We are spoiled with lots of good free of charge extensions. If you compare that to communities like WordPress or Magento as well, people are way more willing to pay for good extensions. I think having a marketplace is a good thing in general, but it should get some time before it will be used a lot I guess. People will slowly get used to the idea that open source is not always the same as free software. We all want to earn a bit of money to be able to share and support the open source extensions. Having a platform to sell your extensions is key for that.

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Wolfgang - The Only Active T3 Vlogger

The idea of a marketplace for TYPO3 templates and extensions has been around several times in recent years. But so far it has never been properly implemented. That's why I think it's not bad that you now offer such a possibility.

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Claus Due - TYPO3 Core Contributor (Fluid)

Seems like a nice site, but the idea of a monetised marketplace doesn’t really appeal to me - and I am completely outside of the target group with no current or future need for what is offered. I do however quite like the idea of selling prepared templates for creating sites, since this is one of the things that has increased WP popularity in ways we’ve never been able to do with TYPO3. Writing good Fluid templates for TYPO3 normally requires a significant amount of developer-level knowledge (creating extensions, writing data processors, ViewHelpers, knowing how to place template files and so on) so this is something that I’m sure will appeal to people creating smaller sites - which is exactly an audience that I believe we should do more to attract.

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Tim - Founder of TYPO3Blogger.de

I love your TYPO3 blog. I published my first blog entry in 2006 on typo3blogger.de and I know that good blog entries cost a lot of effort, good investigation and a lot of writing skills. The blog entries on T3Terminal fulfill all parts of good blog posts (many details, good layout…). Keep up the good work.

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Heather - Author of Official TYPO3 Guidebook

I think having an ecosystem where people can sell digital services is great. I know the WordPress community relies on that to share skills and distribute specializations. I think it’s a fab idea and much needed!

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Thanks for your interest and time.

What’re your thoughts on T3Terminal? How can we improve to contribute (to the community) and service (to customers)? We would love to know your thoughts.

And.. Don’t miss to read all the interesting TYPO3 interviews at https://t3terminal.com/blog/categories/typo3-interview/ 

If you are interested then maybe based on your feedback, I can also compile and write interesting answers and thoughts on your favourite TYPO3 questions like What was your biggest challenge to building your TYPO3 business? Where do you think the TYPO3 opensource ecosystem lags behind? Can you give us a sneak peek of TYPO3's future visions? And so on!

Awaiting to receive your feedback to the below comment box.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Life!

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Comments :

  • Sara Otto November 23, 2021 At 11:42 am
    Well, I may not be a TYPO3 guru but let me say this out loud, You guys are the stars of TYPO3 products. I now regularly use 7 of your TYPO3 products in different projects on a daily basis. I see no problems in using those and frankly saying, that front-end and back-end demo made me trust you guys more. That was a great addition. Good job.
  • Benedikt Klein November 22, 2021 At 1:11 pm
    You guys are indeed doing a really great job at managing TYPO3 products. T3Terminal was introduced to me by a friend cum colleague of mine and I have used the products since then. The first product I used was the T3 bootstrap TYPO3 template. It had some bugs in the initial phase but the way you guys have managed everything and getting better day by day is the real deal.
  • Harald Stein November 12, 2021 At 6:20 am
    I totally agree with Jochen, The idea of having a TYPO3 marketplace was on the move at TYPO3 but it was delayed. I liked what you guys are doing with TYPO3 products and I also like the idea of having so many unique and multi-purpose TYPO3 products. I am a regular user of T3Terminal products and I have trust in your guys. Cheers.

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