How to Setup TYPO3 Frontend Login (Manually & With Extensions)

How to Setup TYPO3 Frontend Login (Manually & With Extensions)

Are you looking for TYPO3 login integration for your frontend users and customers? This blog will help you implement the TYPO3 frontend login feature with core ways, free TYPO3 login extensions, TYPO3 registration plugins, and tips to enhance your TYPO3 login.

Generally, small to medium level TYPO3 sites may require TYPO3 login features for their frontend users. Fortunately, the TYPO3 core team and community are always eager to make a better secure TYPO3. That’s TYPO3 take care to manage both backend and frontend users records within TYPO3 core ;)

My dear TYPO3 reader, as my blog ritual, it’s time to appreciate the TYPO3 community people and developers who contributed their time and efforts to make good and secure TYPO3 login extensions. Thanks to everyone, #T3Kudos!

Without wasting your time, Let’s get started to implement TYPO3 login features and available TYPO3 extensions.

Frontend TYPO3 Login Extensions

You can integrate the frontend TYPO3 login feature in two ways with either TYPO3 core login extension or other available TYPO3 frontend login extensions from TER.

EXT.felogin (by TYPO3 Core Team)

By default, TYPO3 core provides frontend user management and frontend login extension. Here are the steps by step guide.

Step 1. Create System Storage Folder

Login to your TYPO3 backend and Create a “Frontend Users” storage folder.


Step 2. Add Frontend Usergroup

Click on “+” create a new record icon, and choose System Records >Website Usergroup.

Step 3. Add Frontend Users

Click on “+” create a new record icon, and choose System Records > Website User

Step 4. Fillup Frontend User Form

Enter username, password, choose frontend usergroup, and enter other personal details.

Step 5. Activate TYPO3 Core’s EXT.felogin

Go to Admin Tools > Extensions > Activate “felogin”

Step 6. Insert TYPO3 Login Form

Create a Frontend Login page, and add “Login Form” from Form Elements. Please make sure to assign “Storage Folder”.

Step 7. Hurray! Launched TYPO3 Frontend Login

EXT.flogin (by Borulko Serhii)

This extension provides an authentication option for website users. It’s an alternative version for managing any frontend login attempts. There are powerful features like Authentication via a magic link, Lockout user. Simultaneously, brute force, Attempt to create a temporary frontend account in a BE, Out of the box notifications for necessary actions ( password reset, password update, login, lockout, magic link usage), etc.

EXT.loginviaemail (by Clemens Gogolin)

With the "Frontend user login" extension in the core, you can only log in with the user name. The e-mail address that the user has entered in the personal data cannot be used. This extension extends the authorization mechanism: If an email address is entered as the username, the corresponding user is identified. If the user name can be uniquely assigned to the e-mail address, will the user name be passed to the authorization mechanism, and the login is carried out with it.

Frontend TYPO3 Registration Extensions

Of course, while implementing the TYPO3 login feature, you will need an automatic TYPO3 user registration feature. Here is the list of popular TYPO3 registration extensions.

EXT.sr_feuser_register (by Stanislas Rolland)

One of the oldest TYPO3 registration extensions which the founder of TYPO3, Kasper Skårhøj, inspires. A self-registration variant of Kasper Skårhøj's Front End User Admin extension.

EXT.femanager (by In2Code)

One of the popular TYPO3 extensions, EXT.femanager, helps you integrate registration and front-end user management. Femanager is an extension for a TYPO3 Frontend-User Registration. Maybe you know sr_feuser_register, but you want to use a more modern extension, give femanager a try. This extension brings an easy-to-use frontend-user registration with a profile manager to your system. Besides, the femanager was developed to be very flexible and get many features out of the box.

EXT.sf_register (by Sebastian Fischer)

Offers the possibility to maintain the fe_user data in the frontend by the user self. This extension has many features like Simple frontend user registration, uses extbase and fluid, admin review optional, email notification to users after each step, email notification to admin after each step, password strength indicator without a javascript library, etc.

Frontend: Third-Party TYPO3 SSO Login Extensions

You may probably want to use 3rd party SSO services to log in to your TYPO3 users on the frontend website. Here is the list of all available such TYPO3 login extensions.







Hairu for TYPO3





TYPO3 YubiKey

2FA Auth






TYPO3 Login





Auth0 for TYPO3






Miniorange Saml





Cidaas for TYPO3






MoceanSMS Login





Thanks for reading my article. I hope you learned and enjoyed it.

Indeed, the TYPO3 community is fantastic! TYPO3 People build many solutions for the TYPO3 login. Based on your needs, choose the right path to configure the TYPO3 login feature at Frontend. And, my friend, don’t forget to send your Greetings and Thanks to those TYPO3 people.

Do you have any questions or concerns about the TYPO3 login? Feel free to write to the comment box below; I’ll be happy to answer you.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Login!

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