5+ Best TYPO3 Feedback Extensions 2020

5+ Best TYPO3 Feedback Extensions 2020

Feedback is the key to improvement! The best way to learn more about how your customers experience your website is to ask them. TYPO3 Feedback Extensions make that possible for TYPO3 websites, but how do you choose which one is best for your website?

For TYPO3 websites, user feedback extensions are ideal for TYPO3 users who are looking to get feedback forms up and running on their website in a matter of seconds. 
Feedback is a really good process to improve your business, service, resolving queries, giving support, getting suggestions or ideas, etc.. If you are not using the power of feedback, then you are losing the essential techniques of doing business.

These TYPO3 feedback extensions have lots of features that help you to collect the feedback in an efficient way. With the help of these plugins, you can manage multiple polls, view poll analytics & text responses & control the exact timing of polling your visitors.

Without taking much time, let's check out these TYPO3 feedback extensions positioned with numbers 1 to 6 according to their number of features from our views. 

Choose your favorite one!

#1 All in One Feedback TYPO3 Extension

TYPO3 v8, 9, 10

TYPO3 Compatibility


Extension Key

The All in One Feedback TYPO3 extension allows website Administrators to add Feedback forms to the site and get valuable feedback or Insights from visitors. 

EXT:ns_feedback provides a variety of feedback forms from which administrators can choose depending on the website page.

Following Feedback forms are available with this extension:

  1. Rating feedback Form
  2. Quick Feedback Form
  3. Full Feedback Form
  4. Pop-up Feedback Form

Other rich features of All In One Feedback Extension are


Appearance, Design & Basic Settings                  

Quick Feedback

Email Notification and Message Settings          

Rating Feedback

Full Feedback Form

Rating style, change, etc

Full backend settings

Popup Feedback Form

Popup form configuration

Feedback Form Settings

Integration to News extension as Plugin

AJAX Based-Features

Integration to Blog extension as Plugin

Reports Overview Module                            

Multiple Feedback Forms in a single page

Report Detail           


#2 Rating AX

TYPO3 v9, 10

TYPO3 Compatibility


Extension Key

This Feedback TYPO3 extension provides a rating extension for every type of content in the database. Every field of every table can be defined as a so-called ‘ratingobject’ that can be used for ratings. 

The extension could be included as a normal content plugin to have ratings of the content page. This extension features the future-oriented extensions extbase and fluid. It is expected to adopt it in an easy way to new versions of TYPO3.

Other rich features of ARating AX TYPO3 Extension are

display ratings (graphically or text)

support for AJAX-ratings (graphically or text)

one-time voting for logged in FE users

multiple anonymous votings

different weight for each rating step

polling mode (>0.10.1)

includes view helper for FLUID templates 

full localization support for rating names

highly customizable look for ratings, incl.
support for vertical ratings


#3 Guestbook TYPO3 Plugin

TYPO3 v7, 8, 9, 10

TYPO3 Compatibility


Extension Key

This TYPO3 Guestbook extension is an open-source TYPO3 guest book extension with spam protection and many customization options. TYPO3 Guestbook gives functionality for your guests to share their reviews, ratings, contact details, or personal details with experience sharing and much more.

The guest user adds their details and can see all the guest user’s guest book details. Admin can see stories that are submitted by users in the Guest book tab. Admin can edit, delete, and publish/unpublished guest entries. The feature of guest entry auto-publish is configurable from the backend.

Other rich features of TYPO3 Guestbook Extension are,

Easy to install and easy to configure.          

Responsive Design

Spam protection with captcha.

Ajax submit form

Email notification

Meta Fields

Preview for the frontend form

Preview for the admin editor form            

Admin easy to manage the guest entry
from the back-end


#4 Simple Survey TYPO3 Extension

TYPO3 v8, 9

TYPO3 Compatibility


Extension Key

Create and manage own surveys with Simple Survey TYPO3 extension.  Simple Survey TYPO3 Extension lets you create surveys and get direct user feedback in FE. With this feedback, you will know what your users are thinking. You can then use their thoughts from the survey to grow your business more effectively.

Other features of Simple Survey TYPO3 Extension are,

  • Multiple Survey fields
  • Multiple options for question fields
  • Simple text field for the answer

#5 Simple Poll TYPO3 Extension

TYPO3 v10

TYPO3 Compatibility


Extension Key

An easy to set up and use the poll system.  The plugin is very easy to set up and use. Just create polls and add the poll widget in the sidebar. Registered users, as well as visitors of your site, can submit votes.

Other features of Simple Poll TYPO3 Extension are,

  • easy to set up
  • easy to use
  • protection against multiple votes via cookies or IP address
  • ajax calls for all actions - no page reload
  • easy to customize using TypoScript and Fluid templates.

#6 Master-Quiz TYPO3 Extension

TYPO3 v9, 10

TYPO3 Compatibility


Extension Key

Master Quiz TYPO3 Extension comes with features like Quiz, Tests, and Polls. With a simple import-task for myquiz poll-questions. 
Moreover, one can configure, which results should be shown. Evaluation is possible too. Automatic deletion of quiz takers via task possible. This TYPO3 extension supports English and German languages.


You’ll need to take a few factors into consideration. Factors such as customization capabilities, trigger options, analysis and reporting, and of course, the level of technical knowledge required to get your extension set up and running.

Do you know of some other user feedback extension for TYPO3? Let us know in the comments!

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