5 Best TYPO3 FAQ Extensions For 2020

5 Best TYPO3 FAQ Extensions For 2020

Are you eager to know which are the most popular TYPO3 FAQ Extensions? And, Which one will be the best fit for your needs? Here you go!

The FAQ (pronounced FAK) or list of "frequently asked questions" (and answers) has become a feature of the Internet. It seems a small thing, but it’s beneficial for your TYPO3 website’s users and customers.

Here, We have searched and compiled the best FAQ TYPO3 extensions.

Note: Following the extensions list been prepared based on downloads, popularity in the community, compatibility with TYPO3 v9 and v10 LTS version, and our decade of TYPO3 experience from TER.

“Wait… Before you check out the extensions list, Let’s give big hands to all authors & their TYPO3 agencies who are contributing their time & money by developing and maintaining these great TYPO3 extensions for TYPO3 Community. Of course, our hats-off to all extensions developers who are in not this list, but continuously contributing to TYPO3 with heartily give back to the TYPO3 community”.


#1 GEN Modern FAQ

Since 2005, Team Netcreators has been developing and maintaining EXT:irfaq extension. FAQ frontend plugin with a dynamic or static view which will merge and improve the functionality of EXT:faq and EXT:faq_plus into a modern look.

The FAQ extension offers you the following options:

  • You can write the answers as usual as text in the RTE and insert links and pictures, for example.
  • You also have the option of specifying related FAQs and links.
  • The questions can be assigned categories and controlled accordingly in the display.
  • You can create FAQ contact persons or experts (with name, email address, website)
  • The answers can be evaluated.
  • You can name the questioner.
  • A search function for filtering the FAQ can be set up on the FAQ page.


Extension key



#2 FAQ

One of the oldest originally developed in 2003 and maintained EXT:faq by Time guys. It is a basic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) extension in a clean extbase/fluid structure. Moreover, it has Questions and Question categories with a smart plugin structure.


Extension key



#3 jpFAQ

EXT:jpfaq from Jacco van der Post, to provide rich text answers and/or tt_content IRRE answers. Optional: categories, helpfulness feedback, inline question, and categories Ajax comment forms with database storage and email function, Google Analytics event tracking, and a find as you type search form.


Extension key



#4 Plain FAQ

Torben Hansen, they are one of the active TYPO3 contributors that developed and maintained EXT:plain_faq. Plain FAQ TYPO3 extension is followed by the latest standards and features. This extension for TYPO3 CMS is a solution to manage frequently asked questions. The focus of the extension is to keep things simple and to have a modern and clean code basis.

Feature List

  • Easy usage for editors
  • Uses TYPO3 system categories to structure FAQs by category
  • A field for media and files
  • Possibility to add related FAQs
  • Configurable template layouts for the views
  • Automatic cache clearing when FAQ has been changed in backend
  • Symfony Console commands to migrate from ext:irfaq
  • Signal slots to extend the extension with own functionality


Extension key



#5 Ultimate FAQ

Recently launched, Ultimate FAQ TYPO3 Extension is the most feature-rich extension to configure questions and answers with custom TYPO3 backend modules of styles, settings, and options.

This extension is available with two-versions Free and Premium - to make further development of features, updates, maintenance, and of-course to earn little as part of good TYPO3 eco-system ;)

Good thing is that T3Terminal provides “Free 30 Days Support”, so feel free to write us your any issues or questions at Support Center even if you have Free-version too.

Key Feature List

  • Dashboard (Statistics, FAQ Summary etc)        
  • Manage FAQs (Add, Edit, Delete FAQs)        
  • Category Wise FAQs (Assign Categories to FAQs)        
  • Set Custom CSS        
  • Scroll To Top        
  • Manage Categories (Add, Edit, Delete FAQ Categories)        
  • Configure FAQ at Multiple pages        
  • FAQ Toggle & Accordion        
  • Categories Toggle & Accordion        
  • Enable/Disable Cateogires, Questions/Answers        
  • Expand/Collapse all FAQs with single click        
  • Sort Categories & FAQs        
  • Set icons for FAQ and Categories        
  • Icons Styling (colors, fonts, borders etc)        
  • Block & Border Block Themes        
  • FAQs Questions and Answers Styling (colors, fonts, borders etc)        
  • Categories Layouts and Styling        
  • Heading Style Options        
  • Animation and Effects for FAQs        
  • Search Feature        
  • Submit Site Visitors Own FAQ (Forns, Moderation, Emails etc)        
  • Social Media Sharing        
  • FAQ Moderation from Backend and Email


Extension key




From more then 20+ TYPO3 FAQ Extensions available at TER, We have tried to highlight and compiled best FAQ extensions based on downloads, popularity in the community, compatibility with TYPO3 LTS version.

Did we miss any FAQ TYPO3 extensions? What’s your favorite TYPO3 FAQ Extensions? Write down to below comment box.

Thanks for reading!

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