This Month At T3Terminal - January Edition

This Month At T3Terminal - January Edition

And It’s January, A new Year 2022! A new year, new hope, new vision, new goals! Team T3Terminal has taken an initiative to release an article covering all major updates from T3Terminal & TYPO3 Community!

Check out what’s new in YOUR TYPO3 Store and TYPO3 world! Grab a cup of coffee and meet the latest updates, let’s start!

Latest T3Terminal Blogs

Meet top T3Terminal blogs that cover amazing TYPO3 tips, tutorials, updates and T3Terminal news. Learn and discover new skills with helpful tutorials.

Top Blogs From T3Terminal Partners

Our partners have worked with us to deliver ever more innovative, effective, and successful support has been vital in achieving our Mission and Vision. But so has their contribution via blogs and articles has been helpful to the community. Checkout latest articles, 

Latest News From TYPO3 Community

Team TYPO3 works hard with a common vision to bring out the best of TYPO3 for you. Read on to find out what happened in TYPO3 last month and how you can get involved.

TYPO3 Freebie Of The Month

If you wish to determine the TYPO3 Version of a TYPO3 website but you are not having the site’s backend access with you or are just curious about what TYPO3 version someone else is using, it is possible to determine.

Using tool T3Version it is possible to check and determine the TYPO3 major version for one or multiple given URLs with it.

T3Kudos to Torben Hansen for developing such an innovative and useful tool.

Top T3Terminal Products

T3Terminal Videos

Click-n-Launch TYPO3 Website Builder | TYPO3 SaaS

TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension | T3Terminal

T3Terminal Product Updates

2022, A new year, new hope, new vision, new goals! And there is your new update for your TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Updates.

We regularly maintain our TYPO3 products and regularly release new features, bug fixing, and security updates of TYPO3 Extensions and Templates. Upgrade your products now. 

Let’s dive in and see what we’ve prepared for you for January!

Offers At T3Terminal

TYPO3 Special Deals Awaits you! Grab Special TYPO3 Offers and Deals Now!


Thanks for being with TYPO3 & T3Terminal and reading this post. 

Do you have a story that we could include in the next post? Let us know in the comment box below!

Happy TYPO3 Updates!

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Comments :

  • Paul Wexler January 18, 2022 At 8:53 am
    Well well a cool initiative, thanks for the collective information and news. It was great reading this article, looking forward to the next! T3 Kudos T3Terminal team!

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