How Well Do You Know About TYPO3 Association?

How Well Do You Know About TYPO3 Association?

TYPO3 CMS! The brand and community we love! Are you a true TYPO3 fanatic? Examine your TYPO3 awareness about the TYPO3 Association test. How much do you know about it?

Here we have compiled a list of simple trivia questions that cover some basic aspects of the TYPO3 Association. Use them to test your knowledge about TYPO3 and maybe learn some information you didn’t already know! 


I'm sure you'd have loved attending this TYPO3 quiz on TYPO3 association. What's your score? Let us know in the comment box below! I'd love to thank Interact Quiz maker for such awesome quiz tool integration.

Do you have any questions? Want to discuss about any question in depth? We'd love to talk!

One more thing, we'd be publishing TYPO3 quiz on various interesting topics frequently, so stay tuned with us :) See you soon!

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Comments :

  • René Muller April 13, 2021 At 6:46 am
    I attend this TYPO3 Association quiz and score 7 out of 10. hurrah!
  • Florian Weissmuller April 13, 2021 At 6:42 am
    This is an amazing way to know about TYPO3 Association. I played this quiz and learn a lot of things about the TYPO3 association. I scored 5 only

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