30 Best Resources to Learn TYPO3 for Beginners

30 Best Resources to Learn TYPO3 for Beginners

Congratulations! Now when you are here, it means, you have decided to choose TYPO3 as your OpenSource CMS, Welcome to TYPO3.

Whatever your role in website development is like a marketer, editor or developer, we are sure - This educational  TYPO3   blog will help you to guide as TYPO3 beginners.

It’s a bit difficult to find out all TYPO3 resources at one place, so here we are trying to collect   Learn TYPO3 resources of TYPO3 CMS, community & more.

To be honest, the learning curve of TYPO3 is a bit complex as compared to other simple CMS. Because TYPO3 is capable to develop small to medium to large scale enterprise-level TYPO3 website.

Before a year, we wrote Beginners Guide to TYPO3 CMS, Community and Resources and Here, we would like to extend it with list more TYPO3 resources.

We hope this   blog will help you to initiate your great journey to   Learn TYPO3, All the very best :)

Kasper - The TYPO3 King

 TYPO3 Community will never forget the TYPO3 man Kasper Skårhøj from Danish. In 1997, where no one aware of the word CMS, He started to develop a historical TYPO3 CMS.

Whenever any new team member joins our TYPO3 team, He should know the history. And, I’m sure, you will have general TYPO3 related questions in your mind like;

  1. Where did the name of TYPO3 come from?
  2. What is the story of TYPO3?
  3. Who was the founder of TYPO3?
  4. and so on.

To get answers to such questions, read these good articles to know the history of TYPO3.

  1. https://typo3.org/project/history/
  2. https://typo3.org/project/history/kaspers-corner

What is TYPO3 CMS?

TYPO3 is a free enterprise-class CMS based on PHP. It combines  Open Source code with reliability and true scalability.

Check out this cool TYPO3 video.

Who uses TYPO3?

Sony, Mercedes-Benz, RMV, Omega, Paysafe, and many more popular brands., The list is long where TYPO3 proves world-class OpenSource CMS.

Take a look at exciting TYPO3 case studies at https://typo3.com/case-studies

How success is TYPO3?

Source: https://typo3.com/

I think it’s good enough for the basic introduction of TYPO3 CMS. Let’s check out all best TYPO3 resources to   Learn TYPO3 as Beginners.


Before starting the list, We would like to dedicate this   blog to all-TYPO3 contributors who work hard to give back to the community. Thanks a lot!

#1 TYPO3 .org vs .com

Don’t get confused between TYPO3.org and TYPO3.com website. It’s very easy to understand.

TYPO3.org is the central location for the TYPO3 software project. You can download it, view the documentation, ask and answer questions in the forums. Moreover, TYPO3.org contains TYPO3 news,  TYPO3 Community, TYPO3 certification and much more.

TYPO3.com site is the professional website of TYPO3 GmbH (a 100% subsidiary of TYPO3 Association). The GmbH guarantees the further development of the TYPO3 range of products and services and supports the community with professional service.

Do you know?

TYPO3 is the world’s only vendor based support OpenSource CMS.

#2 Download TYPO3 CMS

#3 TYPO3 Documentation

For years, the  TYPO3 Community has been working very hard to improve all-over Documentation for TYPO3 CMS and Extensions. You will find all the necessary documentation at https://docs.typo3.org/

As a TYPO3 beginner, you can start with;

#4 TYPO3 Installation Guide

Get ready to install TYPO3 now, Checkout step by step guide at


At Documentation, You can always switch to read particular TYPO3 version’s documentation, click on left-bottom corner “Related Links”.

#5 Free TYPO3 Demo

Instead of manually setting up everything, As for beginners, we suggest trying free-trial TYPO3 demo from https://get.typo3.org/#try-online

We highly recommend to try "Click-n-launch" our Free TYPO3 Demo at  TYPO3 SaaS solution (Software As A Service)

#6 Free TYPO3 Extensions

 TYPO3 Community has more than 1500+ free TYPO3 extensions, Checkout

https://extensions.typo3.org/ Casually it’s call TER (TYPO3 Extensions Repository).

#7 Free TYPO3 Templates & Themes

At TER, You can also find some TYPO3 template and themes by search eg.,

https://extensions.typo3.org/?L=0&id=1&tx_solr%5Bq%5D=template If you are looking for more free and premium TYPO3 templates, then T3Terminal’s TYPO3 Templates

#8 TYPO3 Backend

Do you want to have a quick glimpse of how the TYPO3 backend is? Just jump here - https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/tutorial-getting-started/master/en-us/GeneralPrinciples/Index.html

#9 Good to Attend TYPO3 Events

One of the good ways to   Learn TYPO3 is to attending TYPO3 events.  TYPO3 Community has lovely people who always eager to share and gain knowledge. We suggest keeping your eyes on TYPO3 Events and News.

#10 TYPO3 Release Announce

It’s always good to subscribe following channels to stay notified next releases of TYPO3.

#11 TYPO3 LTS vs ELTS Release

LTS = 3 years Long-Term Support, Free TYPO3 release from  TYPO3 Community

ELTS = 3 years Extended Long-Term Support, Pro TYPO3 release from  TYPO3 Community

In that way, TYPO3 provides 6 years of support to each version, there is not any OpenSource CMS which can provide such long support.

#12 Free TYPO3 Support

From our decade of being in a close connection with the  TYPO3 Community, we always realized, that  TYPO3 Community has very supportive people.

Join now & stay connected with the following channels to get free support.

#13 Professional TYPO3 Support

Are you looking for a professional TYPO3 agency? TYPO3 GmbH has qualified and experienced TYPO3 agency partner, You can find and connect at- https://typo3.com/services/find-a-typo3-partner/official-typo3-partner-finder#/list

#14 TYPO3 Freelancers

You can also find out TYPO3 selected professional freelancers at- https://typo3.com/services/find-a-typo3-freelancer#/list

#15 TYP3 Videos

One of the missing stuff in TYPO3 education, as there are very-less TYPO3 videos available. Although subscribe official Youtube channel and check out some old-videos which will help you to learn particular TYPO3 topic at- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpl8LY9Tr3PB26Kk2FYW_w

#16 TYPO3 Talks

You can always raise your voice and opinion at  TYPO3 Community, There is a centralized forum at https://talk.typo3.org/

#18 TYPO3 Books

There are some TYPO3 books which can help you to start to   Learn TYPO3 as follows:

#19 TYPO3 SLA (Service Level Agreement)

If you don’t have TYPO3 resource and would like to maintain your existing TYPO3 site, then you can consider TYPO3 GmbH’s Service Level Agreement- https://typo3.com/services/service-level-agreements

#20 TYPO3  Shop

Do you want to collect and buy cool TYPO3 stuff like TYPO3 t-shirt, pen, diary, etc.? Visit this official TYPO3  Shop at https://www.typo3- Shop.com/ Also you can sponsor and donate to the TYPO3 association.

#21 TYPO3 Roadmap

To know ROI, It’s always good to check out future planning of any OpenSource CMS, Here is the TYPO3 Roadmap at https://typo3.org/cms/roadmap

#22  TYPO3 Community

If you are interested to contribute something back to the great  TYPO3 Community, then we suggest you check out each section of community page at https://typo3.org/community You can find out Teams & Committees, How to contribute, etc.

#23 Security Matters

TYPO3 is always serious about security, Keep your eyes on the latest security stuff at- https://typo3.org/help/security-advisories/

#24 Skill Display - Future of TYPO3 Knowledge hub

TYPO3 Association is pushing SkillDisplay to improve your knowledge through a step-by-step guide & test, You should try https://www.skilldisplay.eu/use-cases/use-case-typo3/

#25 TYPO3 Version Checker

Do you want to know what TYPO3 version used in your particular TYPO3 website? Test-drive with this cool tool TYPO3 Statistics

#26 TYPO3 Features

Do you believe? TYPO3 Have built-in 9998 features, It’s almost 20+ years long journey TYPO3 get lots of features https://typo3.org/cms/features/

TYPO3 v3.x

TYPO3 10.x

#27 This Month In TYPO3

You can get continues good updates from this corner of TYPO3.org call “This Month In TYPO3”.

#28 TYPO3 @ Social-Media

To get up-to-date with TYPO3 CMS and Community, Subscribe now following the social-media platform.

Official TYPO3 Profile

Un-Official TYPO3 Groups

#29 Join  TYPO3 Community Now!

From just 7.92 EUR, Become a  TYPO3 Community Member

https://www.typo3- Shop.com/typo3-association-membership/typo3-association-community-membership.html and Get following benefits.

  • Participate in the yearly T3A General Assembly.
  • Participate at official votings (EAB, BCC)
  • See and discuss the yearly budgets.
  • Use the membership logo at your website

#30 T3Terminal: First-Ever TYPO3  Marketplace

Last but not the least, Meet the First-Ever TYPO3  Marketplace https://t3terminal.com/ You can find Free and Premium TYPO3 Templates as well as TYPO3 Extensions TYPO3 SaaS solution with Free 90 day support, One-Month Moneyback Guarantee and more.

In the nearer future, we are planning to expand more services with TYPO3 Education, TYPO3 Jobs, etc. Join us now, Become  TYPO3 Vendor or TYPO3 Buyer.


Hope you have enjoyed this educational   blog post, we have tried to cover all important TYPO3 resources which can help you to start your career with TYPO3 CMS.

Do you have any questions related to TYPO3? Please feel free to write down to below comment box.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Learning :)


Wolfgang Wagner

May 13, 2020 at 07:15 AM

Very helpful listing! Although my video course is only available in German, I would still like to mention it, as it is probably the most comprehensive course for beginners: https://wwagner.info/typo39lts

Florian Ebersbach

May 07, 2020 at 03:30 PM

A comprehensive list that any beginner or professional will have use of when working on TYPO3. Great read ????

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