TYPO3 Talk with Rino Razzi, Active TYPO3 Contributor

TYPO3 Talk with Rino Razzi, Active TYPO3 Contributor

Welcome to the TYPO3 Interview Series - 5! We have launched the TYPO3 initiative for business executives, professional freelancers, marketers, decision-makers etc. The ultimate goal, Inspiring people to communicate about TYPO3 eco-system by keeping the philosophy of OpenSource.

We have been interviewing and inviting TYPO3 business people to share their views to build a better TYPO3 eco-system for a better TYPO3 tomorrow. T3Terminal has been developed and is focusing on having a "Fruitful TYPO3 Eco-System".

This week we have been honored by Rino Razzi, the CEO at Archimede Informatica and Member of Expert Advisory Board at TYPO3 Association.

Read the article where Rino shares his views about history and potential of TYPO3 and open-source community, and how we can build a better TYPO3 Eco-system together!

Let’s hear about his life in time, journey with TYPO3, and a lot more. Many thanks Rino for your thoughts.

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi
  • Interviewee : Rino Razzi
  • Company : Archimede Informatica
  • Designation : CEO
  • Topic : Together Building a Better TYPO3 Eco-system

Hey Rino, Tell something about yourself to our audience.

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

I live in Pisa, Italy, where I did my Computer Science studies. 

I graduated from the University of Pisa in 1997. One year before I had already funded a few friends Archimede Informatica (http://www.archicoop.it/en/), the company of which I’m still the CEO today.

Since the beginning, my company (and I) focused on the design, creation, and management of web sites and web projects. I’m an active member of the Italian and international TYPO3 community and I’ve been a member of the TYPO3 Association’s board for a few years, until 2019. Currently, I’m an active member of the TYPO3 Association Content Group, mainly focused on the management of the “T3A Members Newsletter” and the “CSM Insights Newsletter”


First question, How did you initially get involved with TYPO3?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

It was in 2003 when a client asked my company for a CMS based website. The times of hand-written HTML have passed since a few years ago. It still was the time when HTML Editor software was used to build a website (I can remember of “Front Page” and “DreamWeaver” as the main used tools in my company) and the “CMS” concept was not completely forged at that time (The first release of WordPress dates 2003). There where only a few Open Source CMS available at the time.

So, to answer my client’s request, I personally started looking for an Open Source CMS to use. It was a long work to find out and compare the best available CMS. Eventually, TYPO3 (version 3.2, if I remember well) came out like the most featured CMS available at the moment. One strong point in favor of TYPO3 was also that most of the features were already in the core so that non-plug-in needed to be installed to have them available.


How do you contribute to TYPO3? How does your company encourage open source business practices?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

My professional profile is not completely a technical one. My main contribution to TYPO3 has been on the community-building side, even though I’m TYPO3 Certified Integrator and Editor. Since 2010 I have been working for creating and growing up the Italian Community, organizing the “T3Camp Italia” yearly events and then the “TYPO3 Day” events at the Internet Festival of Pisa - Italy. In my company, we strongly believe that Open Source software is a synonym for quality and transparency that together bring security and long term good investments. Every time it is possible we choose open source software for our work.

We also encourage our employees to contribute to the communities of the software we use, allowing them to spend part of their time on that. As a result of this, my company has published a few TYPO3 extensions on the TYPO3 Extension Repository: Cookie Law Management (https://extensions.typo3.org/extension/aip_cookie_law/) and Vimeo Ads Video Player (https://extensions.typo3.org/extension/aip_vimeo/

). We are also working on the publication of some more extensions that we developed as part of our client’s project. A huge contribution of my company to the TYPO3 project is the localization of the Italian version of the Italian typo3.com website: typo3.it


When you look back, Are you surprised or feel lucky with the overall success of TYPO3?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

No surprise at all! When I started using TYPO3 it was already evident the power of the system and how much it was far ahead of many of the other existing CMS. Some concepts of the backend (like the page tree and the content element) have been there since the beginning to help editors with their daily work while many other CMS still are missing them. The security and reliability of TYPO3 are also one of the reasons for his success. My company has created and managed so many TYPO3 based websites in the last 20 years having so few security and technical issues


As a TYPO3 business executive, When you look back, Are you surprised or feel lucky with the overall success of TYPO3?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

We have still a lot to do in order to bring TYPO3 on its deserved position in the global scene: the well-known, widely adopted enterprise open source CMS of choice for government, universities and corporations. We are working with a fantastic technical tool, developed by wizard programmers, but our beloved framework is not yet globally embraced and this is what I want to contribute in changing. I am not surprised, nor feeling lucky, but feeling eager to help achieve the goal of having TYPO3 all over the world.


As a TYPO3 Marketer, What was your biggest challenge to building your TYPO3 business?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

The biggest challenge was to convince my company’s clients to use a CMS that they never heard before (in Italy, most clients just know about WordPress, some of them know about Drupal). Another difficult thing was to make clients understand the very good ROI coming from investing in a powerful tool like TYPO3 for their web project.


Over the years, the TYPO3 business ecosystem has evolved. Where do you see it going in the future?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

It’s hard to predict the future of TYPO3. What I see is that the TYPO3 project with both his strong community and the TYPO3 Company (his operative arm whose creation took place a few years ago as an initiative of the TYPO3 Association) has solid foundations that make it ready to face all the technical challenges that the Information Technology industry is putting on the table more and more quickly.


TYPO3 is 20+ years old OpenSource CMS, Although we have very less CMS Marketshare. eg., At present, TYPO3 0.6%, WordPress 63.6%. In your personal opinion, What do you think about what we majorly missed in TYPO3 journey?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

There isn’t something really missing in the TYPO3 strategy for a better spread. What I think is that there is not a CMS that can be considered the best solution for any situation. WordPress, for example, is a very good solution for blogs and small websites. On the other hand, TYPO3 is very good for enterprise solutions where complex websites, integrated with other systems (like CRM, ERP, e-Commerce, … ), with editorial workflow and so on are required. So, it's somehow natural that WordPress has such a huge market share because it meets the needs of a wide base of CMS users for simple blogs and cheap websites. One of the things where the TYPO3 project needs to work on, one of its weak points, is it’s being based in the central European area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). But I know, from my experience as a Board Member of the TYPO3 Association, that this is a known weakness of the project and people are working hard to spread TYPO3 in other areas of the world. One good example is the recently released localized versions of the typo3.com web site: typo3.it, typo3.in, and typo3.fr are online, and many more localizations are on the way. Interesting initiatives have been supported and continue being supported by the TYPO3 Association to bring TYPO3 in other countries and continents like Africa, Asia, USA.


Unlike other CMS' where do you think the TYPO3 business ecosystem lags behind?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

Documentation has been a sore point of TYPO3 for a long time. It was as important as the system is complex (and powerful, on the other hand). Nowadays, the official documentation has been widely updated and enriched. A huge work has been done during the last few years at least for the improvement of the core documentation. A lot of work is still needed, for example for extensions' documentation, but the right road has been taken and the situation is quickly evolving in the right way. Localized documentation is also a problem that slows down the adoption of TYPO3. This issue, in my opinion, would be fixed naturally as soon as the user's base and national users' communities of TYPO3 will grow up.


For people, it’s challenging to understand the philosophy of OpenSource and Business together. What’s your opinion on making a successful OpenSource Eco-system by maintaining the ethics of OpenSource?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

I repeat here what I heard so many times while attending TYPO3 and other open-source software events: “Open source software” does not mean “Free software”! Instead, it means quality, security, reliability provided that you have a wide community of developers, users that stand behind the software-product. If a company’s management understands this fundamental truth, if it understands that the community is as important as the software itself, then it will understand sharing and collaborate (which, in my opinion, are the main elements of the OpenSource ethics)  are the key factors to maintain and grow the community and, by that way, the product itself.


As we are managing T3Terminal, TYPO3 Marketplace, what are some key factors that would attract you? What do you think about the T3Terminal.com?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

A good selection of TYPO3 extensions with good and reliable documentation. A sort of “warranty” that those extensions will be upgraded as soon as a new LTS version is released, would also be interesting.


There are extensions, multilingual, multisite enterprise CMS, ease of use, among all these, what attributes for the TYPO3 success?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

I’d say multilingual.


What are some places, blogs, and online communities you would recommend to our readers that you think are the best places to get help about TYPO3?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

The main place for getting help with TYPO3 is the various TYPO3 Slack channels.
Very useful for me is Stack Overflow ( https://stackoverflow.com/).

Also, I would not underestimate the use of Twitter: I learned so many things just following the official twitter accounts other than some very active people of the TYPO3 community.


Besides TYPO3, what's your favorite open source CMS/Tool?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

There is another Open Source Software I've been using for nearly 20 years: Open Journal System - OJS (https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/). OJS is a vertical CMS solution for managing and publishing scholarly journals.

OJS is a comprehensive tool for managing the entire submission and editorial workflow and publishing journals’ articles and issues online.
Similarly to TYPO3, it has a wide community of users and developers.


Do you think TYPO3 still needs more active contributors? Especially in awareness, branding, and marketing.

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

New contributors are always needed and welcome in the TYPO3 community. There are so many things to do to have a better TYPO3 that contributions are never enough. What is important to understand is that you don’t need to be a techie person to contribute. You don't need to be an HTML, CSS, or PHP guru. Any type of know-how can be very useful: editors, translators, designers, marketing, user interface experts, etc...

So, if you want to contribute don't be shy and get in touch with the TYPO3 community, have a look at this page: https://typo3.org/community/contribute 


Last but not least, Apart from TYPO3, What're the things you love to do?

TYPO3 talk with Rino razzi

I love staying with my family and with friends, snorkeling, and playing soccer.

Heartily thanks to Rino for taking the efforts and time to conduct these interviews and sharing your views. 

One more thing, if you want to share your views regarding the TYPO3 Eco-system, you are more than welcome. Feel free to reach us or drop us a message in the comment section below.
Also, thanks to all Post Status readers, we will see you at the next interview. Till then stay tuned :)

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