FOSS! Where to Find Free TYPO3 Support & Help

FOSS! Where to Find Free TYPO3 Support & Help

Welcome to the TYPO3 community! The novice TYPO3 developer always needs a group of people where they can get to learn free TYPO3 CMS. Do you know how you can get such free TYPO3 support? In this article, you will find a list of TYPO3 community support.

TYPO3 is an incredible community, indeed. In more than one decade of my journey with TYPO3, I always get good support from the TYPO3 community. To be honest, this is one of the main reasons why I’m with TYPO3, because of our lovely TYPO3 people who are always eager to help & support. By d way, if you are at the initial level of TYPO3 CMS, then I recommend reading 30 Best Resources to Learn TYPO3 for Beginners.

Inspiring People To Share
- Mantra of TYPO3

My humble request to you. To keep growing TYPO3 internationally, it would be great if you can keep communicating with people in the English language. It will help others to find help easily for the same TYPO3 questions.


Free TYPO3 Support

The TYPO3 community is passionate about helping people; you can reach the TYPO3 core team and community members below places to get free TYPO3 support.

1. First Must-Read TYPO3 Documentation

I’ve seen many TYPO3 developers ignore TYPO3 documentation while searching for solutions for their particular TYPO3 problems. Why? Because it’s lengthy and tedious? Trust me; you will better educate yourself with official TYPO3 documentation.

My first highly recommended reading official TYPO3 documentation. There are more chances to get an accurate and standard solution for your particular TYPO3 problem. The documentation contains official content for both core and extensions.

2. Ask Your TYPO3 Questions at StackOverflow (Recommended)

For TYPO3 questions, Many big TYPO3 names (like Benni, Mathias, Susi, etc.) recommend keeping using the world’s most popular Questions/Answers platform - Stackoverflow.

Because more TYPO3 people can reach (from the searching engine) to particular TYPO3 questions which have already been asked & answered, and, of course, the TYPO3 community regularly writes their answers to TYPO3 questions.

3. Namaste! Welcomes at TYPO3 Slack

Do you want to directly chat with the TYPO3 core team and top TYPO3 experts? The whole TYPO3 community connected in one place - TYPO3 Slack. You can join many TYPO3 slack channels as well as feel free to communicate with any TYPO3 person.

4. Get-Together at TYPO3 Social Media

Fortunately, the TYPO3 community is also very active on famous social media platforms as below.

5. Discussion at TYPO3 Forum

There are many TYPO3 forums available for both English and German language. Here is the list.

6. Speak at TYPO3 Talks

Do you have any TYPO3 improvement suggestions or feedback? TYPO3 community has dedicated talks where you can raise your voice to make better TYPO3.

7. Googling TYPO3

Of course, no need to mention, Google is one of the most popular searching engines. In most cases or your TYPO3 questions or problems, Google will help you find the best possible answers and solutions.

Professional TYPO3 Support

If you are looking for TYPO3 experts to get professional support, many official professional supports are available below.

8. TYPO3 Certified Agencies

Are you looking for long-term TYPO3 business partners? I would suggest choosing from official TYPO3 association members because they give back to the community.

9. TYPO3 Certified Resources

One of the best ways to search for the best TYPO3 developers or integrators is to find out from official TYPO3 certified resources.

10. Professional Services Listing

Recently, TYPO3 GmbH officially re-launched its professional partnership program. You can also choose the TYPO3 agency or freelancers from PSL.

Last but not least, by the public demand of T3Terminal customers, we have also initiated TYPO3 Customization Service. We will be happy to help you :)


Thanks for reading my article. I hope it finds you help to get TYPO3 support.

I want to say again “TYPO3 community is charming & friendly”. Just connect with TYPO3 people, I’m sure you will get help & support. For professional TYPO3 support, keep explorer’s official certified TYPO3 resources.

By the way, Did I miss any particular TYPO3 support resource? Or what’s your favourite way to get TYPO3 support? I want to hear from you, write in the comment box.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Support!

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Comments :

  • Erik Vogel January 8, 2021 At 12:54 pm
    Hello! Thanks for writing this informative article, being a TYPO3 beginner is indeed scary and TYPO3 support at times is needed! The thing is I know what I need to be done but I’m not sure of what I would be doing and searching. Thanks for the list. I've been getting many times help from you, I'm hoping to have it from all other persons from the community.
    Thanks so much!
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