Every extension you might need for TYPO3 Upgrade

Every extension you might need for TYPO3 Upgrade

TYPO3v11 is on the rise. TYPO3 version 11 has undergone a lot of changes, improvements in its existence. There have been a lot of versions of TYPO3 and all of them have been outstanding. TYPO3 also deserves a pat on its virtual back :P

Updating is often associated with moving forward and what possible harm can be experienced in performing that Upgrade. So, it is evident that people are going to want to move towards the latest version of TYPO3 by updating to TYPO3v11.

What this means is TYPO3v11 is equal to TYPO3v10 minus the deprecated APIs, making it a minor version upgrade. So, logically the upgrade would not mandate an overhaul of your site’s infrastructure and it doesn’t. 

And so in this blog, I would not be talking about the upgrade process itself, wherein we look everywhere from TYPO3 core to custom code, and the essential TYPO3 Upgrade extensions that would be needed for it. So, let’s start assembling the TYPO3 upgrade tooling and prepare for TYPO3 v11. These will help upgrade the TYPO3 website with optimum monitoring, security, and more, ensuring your upgrade is 100% successful.

What is TYPO3 Upgrade? Why should you upgrade to the latest current TYPO3 version 11?

As simple it seems, a TYPO3 update or also known as TYPO3 upgrade is the process of renewal of your current TYPO3 content management system (CMS) software to a higher TYPO3 version of improved features and functionalities with or without the help of a TYPO3 agency.

The main purpose of the TYPO3 update is to make the life easier for TYPO3 users by adding new features and improving the website security.  In addition, the TYPO3 update is very important for your website’s cross device performance. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you will lose a significant amount of traffic. By updating your current TYPO3 version to a new version, you can increase the mobile suitability and performance of your website which also helps to reduce loading time.

The Roadmap of TYPO3 CMS

TYPO3 is well-known to be pre-planned and create a roadmap and strictly follow the deadline to continuously release the next TYPO3 versions. You can find all the information related to new versions of TYPO3 CMS from below TYPO3 CMS roadmap.

What are TYPO3 Updates : Minor & Major?

TYPO3 is well-known to be pre-planned and create a roadmap and strictly follow the deadline to continuously release the next TYPO3 versions. You can find all the information related to new versions of TYPO3 CMS from below TYPO3 CMS roadmap.

TYPO3 update can be categorized into major three categories as follows:

Option 1: Minor Updates

The TYPO3 community continuously releases the security checks version with branches eg., TYPO3 11.5.5 You should always update TYPO3’s latest version. Check out the detailed report at get.typo3.org/release-notes/11.5.5. Generally, It only contains security patches & changes, so it’s easy to update in a matter of 3-4 hours.

Option 2: Major Updates

It means you need to consider the TYPO3 update version from one LTS (Long Term Support) to another LTS.

Suppose, you have the TYPO3 website with TYPO3 7.x LTS, then you should consider an update to the latest TYPO3 11.x LTS. It’s a bit difficult and complicated to update TYPO3, based on the site’s complexity & the number of extensions.

The Process Of TYPO3 Upgrade - In Brief

TYPO3 update 10 to 11

  • Update TYPO3 core from Version 10.x to 11.x

TYPO3 update 9 to 11

  • Update TYPO3 core from version 9.x to 10.x
  • Update TYPO3 core from Version 10.x to 11.x

TYPO3 update 8 to 11

  • Update TYPO3 core from version 8.x to 9.x
  • Update TYPO3 core from version 9.x to 10.x
  • Update TYPO3 core from Version 10.x to 11.x

Let’s try to dig in depth at each phase of the TYPO3 upgrade. In general practice, I prefer to execute TYPO3 upgrade as follows:

Step 1: Setup at Local Server

Download & Setup everything from LIVE to your LOCAL server

Step 2: Perform TYPO3 Upgrade

At your LOCAL server, Start to Upgrade TYPO3 core, Upgrade extensions, QA Testing & Bug Fixing.

Step 3: Check for deprecations

In addition to the deprecations you may want to read the information about important changes, new features and breaking changes for the release you are updating to. 

Simply navigate & read the Changelogs in the backend: Upgrade > View Upgrade Documentation.

The ChangeLog is divided into four sections: “Breaking Changes”, “Features”, “Deprecation” and “Important”. Before upgrading you should at least take a look at the sections “Breaking Changes” and “Important” - changes described in those areas might affect your website.

Step 4: Resolve Deprecations

If you notice some API you are using is deprecated, you should look up the corresponding ChangeLog entry and see how to migrate your code corresponding to the documentation and resolve those TYPO3 depreciation errors.

Since TYPO3 v9 an extension scanner is included, that provides basic scanning of your extensions for deprecated code. While it does not catch everything, it can be used as a base for an upgrade. You can either access the extension scanner via the TYPO3 admin tools (in the Backend: Module “Upgrade” > “Scan Extension Files”) or as a standalone tool (https://github.com/tuurlijk/typo3scan).

The extension scanner will show the corresponding changelog which contains a description of how to migrate your code. See Check the ChangeLog for more information about the Changelogs and how to read them.

Step 5: Non-compatible Extensions

You will need to do your best to make compatibilities for all the TYPO3 extension with TYPO3 patches, hooks, new standards etc., You will need to provide you list of "not-feasible" TYPO3 extension with a possible "alternative solution" to your customer.

Step 6: Upload it to DEV Server

Once complete everything at the LOCAL server then upload it to DEV server eg., dev.yourdomain.com.

Step 5: Customer’s Approval

Your customer will need to test drive the whole site &  provide an approval that everything is fine.

Step 6: Go-Live

Finally, You can upload everything from DEV to the LIVE server.

Essential TYPO3 Extensions for TYPO3 Upgrade

1) TYPO3 Upgrade Extension Scanner

 The extension scanner which has been introduced with TYPO3 Core version 9 as part of the system management (formerly “Install Tool”) provides an interactive interface to scan extension code for usage of TYPO3 Core API which has been removed or deprecated.

The module can be a great help for extension developers and site maintainers when upgrading to new Core versions. It can point out code places within extensions that need attention.

2) TYPO3 Console

The goal of this extension is to improve the command line usage with TYPO3 CMS inspired by the command line interface of TYPO3. It aims to provide a consistent and easy to use interface for users and an easy API for developers. Every command that is shipped provides helpful information about usage and is easy to understand and use.

3) TYPO3 Extension Compatibility Report

TYPO3 Extension Compatibility Report is the only TYPO3 extension which provides all the features like TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report. In addition, it provides notification of new updates via Email. Moreover, it covers the system overview report, Compatible with all major versions of TYPO3 from 4.x to 11.x such as, 

  • TYPO3 System Information Report
  • Extensions Statistics Report
  • Server Compatibility Report
  • TYPO3 Extension Compatibility Report shows if a particular extension is compatible or not, the state of extension, current and latest version information, type of extension e.g., from TER or custom, etc.

4) Ultimate TYPO3 Backup Extension

Backup prior to TYPO3 Upgrade is very important! Backup Plus TYPO3 extension is a first-ever all-in-one TYPO3 backup solution. Take a backup of your TYPO3 code, assets and database in a couple of clicks! With this TYPO3 Backup plugin connects with your Clouds/Servers like Google cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, SFTP, Rsync, etc. It’s a must have extension!

5) TYPO3 Upgrade Assistant

This extension aims to simplify the upgrade process. In the first step it provides a backend module which generates TCA in PHP format.

6) TYPO3 Core upgrader

This extension allows the upgrade of the TYPO3 core from v7.6 to v10.4 in one step by running upgrade wizards for multiple TYPO3 versions at once.

7) T3Monitor

T3Monitor TYPO3 extension closely monitors TYPO3 installation for updates and security issues.

8) Site generator / tree model duplicator

With this extension, you can very easily create websites or duplicate trees, it will automatically create associated BE/FE groups, create directories with associated files mount, add domain name and site configuration, update Typoscript configuration, update slugs. Based on the State Design Pattern, it is highly customizable : you can remove unnecessary states and add your own states to fit your own needs.


I hope these extensions would definitely make your TYPO3 Upgrade experience easy, pleasant and smooth!

What do you think? Do you have any queries on the TYPO3 Upgrade process? What are your favourite TYPO3 upgrade extensions or tools? I would love to answer your questions.

Please feel free to write down any suggestions or queries using the comment box, Thank you!

Have a happy & secure TYPO3 upgrade :)

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