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Are you excited and prepared for launching of TYPO3 v10? Oh, You don’t know about that? Then, first, read this quick blog.

We are going to publish Blog series for TYPO3 v10 for TYPO3 Editors, Administrators, Integrators and Developers.

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Get ready to see some of the new features of TYPO3 v10 which will be useful for an Administrator.

Features For Administrators in TYPO3 v10

TYPO3 v10 has introduced some of the new features as well as improvements to existing features.

For now, Let’s checkout one-by-one major features that will help TYPO3 administrator as follows.

1. Cache Storage Type

TYPO3 features a flexible caching system with a default configuration that is ideal for most use cases.


2. Administrator Email Address

An email address can now be entered as part of the installation process. This address is used for the initial administrator backend user.


3. Nice-Looking Email Template


4. Get Documentation from EM

The Extension Manager now shows links to the extension documentation.


5. Categories Extensions

System and 3rd-party extensions can now be listed separately in the Extension Manager.


6. Improved User’s Privacy with SameSite Cookies

Now TYPO3 supports SameSite cookies to improve users’ privacy. Modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari include this new feature to “mitigate the risk of cross-origin information leakage”, with “some protection against cross-site request forgery attacks” according to the OWASP.


7. Feature Toggles

The visual appearance of feature toggles has been improved.


AtoZ About TYPO v10

1. What’s New Slides

All the above features and screenshot has been taken from What’s New Slides We recommend to check out those slides to know AtoZ about TYPO3 v10.

2. Change Log of TYPO3 v10

You can also get detailed change-log of TYPO3 v10 at


Help to Spread the Word TYPO3 to the CMS-World

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TYPO3 v10 Release Material TYPO3 v10 Social Media Banners


That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed and liked our blog with insight details of TYPO3 v10. We will publish the next series of blog posts for TYPO3 integrators and developers.

Here is the quick recap which you should go through for TYPO3 v10.

  • Be passionate with vibrant TYPO3 community - Get prepared for TYPO3 v10
  • Checkout server requirement for TYPO3 v10
  • Try TYPO3 v10 and write feedback to the TYPO3 core team
  • Go through practically each TYPO3 features which will help you as administrator
  • Let's viral #TYPO3v10
  • Don't forget to celebrate release party ;)

As a TYPO3 administrator, What’s your favorite feature in TYPO3 v10 or looking for any new feature? Do you have any questions on TYPO3 v10? Just write down to below comment box and we will happy to answer you.

Have a Happy TYPO3 v10!

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