Do you want to create the engaging TYPO3 comments section on your TYPO3 website? Never mind! you simply have to integrate your TYPO3 website with the correct TYPO3 Comment extensions.

Not only do comments help you engage with your readers, but they can also even help your site rank better on Google.

It goes without saying that 70% of visitors read comments, reviews, and ratings on websites, and 60% of them clinch the deal with the ratings!

To help make it easier to create an engaging comments section on your blog, we’ve collected the best TYPO3 comment extensions for your website.

Before we start to write down a solution with a list of TYPO3 comment extensions, Let’s check out why the comment is so important for your TYPO3 website?

Reasons why the comment system is great


Having an open comments section allows you to interact much easier with your audience, which in turn makes them an integral part of your website.

Discussions that ensue in the comments section between you and your readers or several of your readers can often be just as meaningful or even more so, as the content itself, raising important questions and adding details that aid your audience’s understanding of the topic.


Feedbacks or discussions, the comments section also gives your audience an easy way to provide you with feedback. Could you be doing more of something else than what you’re currently doing?

Let them guide you and tell you exactly what they like and don’t like, and you can then make the necessary improvements to your blog. It’s like getting a consultation for free.

New Ideas

A quick scan through the comments relating to any given post will provide you with plenty of ideas for follow up content.

Few users will ask and tell you outright that they would like to learn more about the topic or service of your website in-depth, and that you should do a blog post on it. Cool, huh? If you struggle to regularly come up with fresh content ideas, your comments section could help you.

Boost SEO

Did you know that the comments your users leave can boost your SEO performance? The free user-generated content fills out your page and will be fully acknowledged when search engines crawl your site and boost your website's results.

Also, the comments help Google to know that people are engaged with your blog and enjoy interacting with it. Hence, they’ll look at your blog with good favor and rank you better.

Building an interactive community

When you have an open comments section, you’ll probably see the same people commenting again and again. When you interact with these people, you’ll begin to build your own community around your blog, which encourages loyalty.

Drawbacks of the comment system


It may also happen that when you open up your comments section you may have ridiculous comments, bullies, and bot-generated comments, even if you think that you don’t have much of an audience. The fact of the matter is that you do have an audience. Nothing is more annoying than spam comments. But no worries, we can resolve this spam issue with modern Captcha.


You can’t please everyone, and the fact is many people may troll you or make fun of your content or disapprove of your content and efforts. Having a different opinion is perfectly fine and should be encouraged, but some people take pleasure in saying malicious things.

5 TYPO3 Comment Extensions to Boost Engagement

Comment Extension for News Extension

Comment-Extension-for-News-Extension Comment-Extension-for-News-Extension-comment

This extension allows users to post a comment on particular news, reply to the comments. This extension is compatible only with News system Extension (EXT: news).

Key Features

  • Based on extbase & fluid.
  • Easy to use.
  • Users can post comments on the news.
  • Captcha Verification.
  • AJAX form submit.
  • Responsive comments form and comment threads design.
  • Multi-level (nested) comment threads
  • Manage Comments from TYPO3 Backend
  • Comment Approval by site Admin.
  • Send notification to the site admin by posting a new comment.
  • Compatibility from TYPO3 6.x to 10.

Free Vs Pro

Do you know? You can avail extra functionality of this extension when you opt for it’s pro version. Check out!

Free-Vs-Pro Get Extension Live-Demo Documentation

Comment Extension for TYPO3 Pages

Comment-Extension-for-TYPO3-Pages Comment-Extension-for-TYPO3-Pages-2

This comment plugin lets site visitors easily add comments on a published page of the sites.

The plugin adds clean and pleasing comment UI and uses nesting comment structure to increase engagement on the pages. NS_Comment comes with Email notifications for Admins and also allows them to moderate the comments easily from Email or Backend.

Key Features:

  • Comment Moderation Featurefor Admin
  • Threaded Comments (with Nested-level Reply-to features)
  • Enable/Disable Comments for fe_users (Frontend Logged in Users)
  • Get Email Notification to Admin on New Comments
  • Set User (Commentator) Profile Image
  • Restrict/Allow Anonymous Users to Comment
  • Direct Comment Approval from Email sent to Admin
  • Enable/Disable Captcha
  • Custom Date & Time format
  • Add “Terms” checkbox in the Comment form
  • Add “Terms” checkbox in the Comment form
  • Add your custom CSS/JS
  • Each news have its own set comments
  • Easy manipulation of comments

Note: This all rounder extension has the same cool features for pro version as that for News comment extension.

Get Extension Live-Demo Documentation

TYPO3 Disqus Comment Extension

TYPO3-Disqus-Comment-Extension TYPO3-Disqus-Comment-Extension-2

DISQUS is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and has many other features.

This TYPO3 Disqus extension will help you to integrate DISQUS comments plugin into your website. This cool extension will integrate the DISQUS comments section on TYPO3 pages (you can easily enable or disable comments block on your pages).

DISQUS comments section allows users to comment on your pages by using their favorite Social Network (Facebook, Twitter or Google), easy get notifications about new answers, share messages and a lot of more.

Key Features:

  • Simple one-click installation that seamlessly integrates with TYPO3 without ever needing to edit a single line of code or losing any of your existing comments
  • Keep users engaged on your site longer with a cooler commenting experience that readers love
  • Bring users back to your site with web and email notifications and personalized digests
  • Comment text formatting options (e.g. bold, link, italics, quote)
  • Threaded comment display with nesting and ability to collapse individual threads
  • Sort discussion by oldest, newest, and best comments
  • Flexible login options – Social login with Facebook, Twitter, and Google, SSO, and guest commenting support
Get Extension Live-Demo Documentation

TYPO3 Facebook Comment


TYPO3 Facebook comments extension is a great tool that will allow you to show your visitors Facebook comments on your TYPO3 website’s particular page. At the same time, this extension is very useful for improving your website traffic from Facebook.

This extension is easy to use, you just need to create Fb App ID and use it on your website.

Key Features:

  • Easy Moderation.
  • Moderation with your Facebook Profile.
  • Moderation with Facebook App.
  • Facebook Comments Widget.
  • Comments by Shortcode for pages and custom locations.
  • Comments for all posts.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Fully customizable.
Get Extension Live-Demo Documentation

TYPO3 Guestbook Extension


This TYPO3 Guestbook extension is an open-source TYPO3 guest book extension with spam protection and many customization options. TYPO3 Guestbook gives functionality for your guests to share their reviews, ratings, contact details or personal details with experience sharing and much more.

The guest user adds their details and can see all the guest user’s guest book detail. Admin can see stories that are submitted by users in the Guest book tab. Admin can edit, delete and published/unpublished guest entry The feature of guest entry auto-publish is configurable from the backend.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and easy to configure.
  • Spam protection with captcha.
  • Admin easy to manage the guest entry from the back-end.
  • Responsive Design
  • Ajax submit form
  • Email notification
  • Meta Fields
  • Preview for the frontend form
  • Preview for the admin editor form
Get Extension Live-Demo Documentation

Which of These TYPO3 Comment Systems is Best for You?

  1. For the simplest, cleanest option for comments on your blog (and for a system that’s already installed) – Go with Comment Extension for News Extension.
  2. If you’re interested in an all-in-one plugin with a comment system included – Go for Comment Ext for TYPO3 pages.
  3. For unique features like votes and social share, For a wide range of social sharing and login tools – Try out TYPO3 Disqus Comment Extension
  4. If you want a well-polished comment plugin with great spam detection – Think about TYPO3 Disqus Comment Extension
  5. If you’d like to editorialize your comments (with renaming tools and comment consolidation) – TYPO3 Guestbook Extension
  6. If you’d like to take advantage of the social aspect of Facebook – Try out TYPO3 Facebook Comment

And wrap up!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Here is the quick recap.

  • Understand the importance of comments to get engage your site’s visitors and customers
  • Based on your TYPO3 website’s requirement and implementation, Choose your best way to integrate particular TYPO3 comment solutions eg., For pages, For news, For blog, etc.
  • Define and choose your best way to integrate particular TYPO3 comment extension.

I'm sure you'll love the listed comment extensions too! If you have any questions about any of these TYPO3 comment extensions, let us know in our comments section below!

Happy TYPO3 Commenting!

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