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We at T3Terminal have a vision of helping people around the world to get creative, share, care and earn while flourishing the TYPO3 community simultaneously. When you create an account at T3Terminal as buyer or seller and accept their respective terms and conditions, you become a member of our community proving the vision of TYPO3 ecosystem that is “Inspiring people to share”. At T3Terminal, buyers and sellers transact with each other directly and we provide the platform to allow the transactions to happen.

Did you know?

T3Terminal.com is the world’s first-ever TYPO3 store/marketplace with feature-rich B2B (Business-to-Business) & B2C (Business-to-Consumer).

As you've reached this page, we appreciate your presence and interest to be a part of the T3Terminal family. You will have your exclusive T3Terminal seller account that will allow you to sell your TYPO3 Themes and extensions. Read on for details about your guidelines, responsibilities, the process of selling your resources at T3Terminal and how you can earn money while contributing to the TYPO3 community as well.


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Benefits of becoming a seller on T3Terminal

Becoming a seller at T3Terminal is worth it.

Becoming a seller is free

Becoming a seller and putting your items up on the T3Terminal is free but there is a review process. There would be an account review process done from our end and we will notify you via your registered email that your seller account has been approved for selling.

Products you can sell at T3Terminal

You can sell TYPO3 themes and extensions on this platform under their respective categories.

Seller fees charge at T3Terminal

When a customer makes a purchase, they are charged your Item Price and T3Terminal's seller fees. The amount you earn for every sale is calculated by taking the Item Price and deducting our seller's fees i.e 20% per sale.

Earn Repeat Business

Expand your products to a huge audience with genuine interests without special marketing, promoting and advertisements costs. Your product will be definitely noticed by each T3Terminal visitor.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, share your amazing TYPO3 builds with the world and step into all below-stated benefits, join us now!

  • A Huge Potential for Sales
  • Your TYPO3 products get exposed to lots of relevant people. Not just some random traffic, but those who are already familiar with the topic.
  • You hold the freedom of choosing the prices for your products. It is totally up to you.
  • Marketplace T3Terminal gives you stability and confidence in your bright future if you are building a web design business
  • Product exclusivity bonus if you would you like to sell your TYPO3 products everywhere or exclusively on T3Terminal.
  • T3Terminal cares about its sellers. The team wants you being recognized as a reputed seller and therefore we feature best products at our website and our social media as well. This way your product gets super-exposure in the first few days.
  • You can raise good money on adding extra support services for your product. As long as you are super-efficient, customers always pay for additional support.
  • One time development, unlimited earning
  • Moreover, T3Terminal provides you freedom of resource selling with a flexible schedule, hours and location
  • Joining a limited group of high-quality sellers
  • Being supported by marketing & promotion investment from T3Terminal

Start developing and sharing your nicest TYPO3 resources with commitment and the community will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself too!

How do I sell my items on T3Terminal?

It’s quite easy to start and grow your TYPO3 business with T3Terminal B2B and B2C Portal. To initiate a seller, you can simply perform the following steps.

You're all set to start selling! We’re very glad you’ve made it to the end of this important document. You can refer to our seller terms and conditions for detailed information. You can always contact us at [email protected] for any doubts or queries and our representatives will reach you quickly and will help to run through all the practical and operational support you need.

T3Terminal - Become A Seller

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